Top 3 Most Common Types of Steel Buildings


Steel is a common building material, favoured for its durability, strength and customisation potential. Buildings crafted from steel can be faced with concrete, bricks, texture, and even paint, making steel one of the most versatile construction materials out there. Buildings made from steel can be purchased pre-engineered or constructed on an ad hoc basis. So, what are some common types of buildings that can be made from steel? Let’s discover 3 popular varieties of steel buildings.

Agricultural Steel Buildings

Steel is often the material of choice in the agricultural sector. Both arable and pastoral farmers use steel buildings to store feed, hay, animals and large equipment safely and securely. Livestock such as cows, goats, and horses can be housed comfortably in buildings made from steel. Furthermore, because horses tend to chew and kick out at internal structures, steel buildings can offer a unique storage solution. Unlike the alternatives, steel buildings do not have a dependence on internal columns, poles, pens, or posts. To learn more about the applications of steel to the agricultural industry, head to the Armstrong Steel website.

Above all, steel agricultural buildings can effectively protect animals and crops from a multitude of threats. Rot, fungi and insects can all lead to wear and tear of agricultural buildings, so it is important to note that steel is largely resistant to these damaging elements. Animals and crops also require a temperature-controlled environment, especially during cold seasons. Consequently, steel constructed barns are typically energy efficient and can be easily insulated to regulate internal temperatures and eliminate any condensation.

Aviation Steel Buildings

Airplane hangars provide aviation industry professionals with a large, open, storage space, which is ideal for keeping planes and other aircraft in storage. Single span rigid frames offer unobstructed covered space without interior columns or intrusive poles, ensuring aircraft can leave and enter hangars safely. Additionally, steel aviation buildings are durable, spacious, cost effective and relatively easy to assemble.

Keeping aircraft protected from the elements and exposure to depreciation is of upmost importance and therefore steel hangars can be customised as appropriate. Ice, wind, snow, rain, and extreme heat can all damage aircraft and therefore a high quality yet versatile storage solution is essential. From incorporating living quarters, airport operations, or even, military installations, steel aviation buildings are designed with strength and durability in mind at every step.

Commercial and Industrial Steel Buildings

Buildings constructed from steel make a unique and flexible alternative to a commercial or industrial space. Depending on the needs of a business, a commercial or industrial steel building can be designed to incorporate space specific features. Perhaps you are a small business owner looking to expand and take your products or services to the next stage? Or maybe your current premises are too cramped or small? Why not consider a new building made of steel.

Commercial and industrial steel buildings can be a cost and time effective alternative to other construction methods. Furthermore, as one of the most widely recycled substances on the planet, steel is considered to be an eco-friendly building material, making it a great choice for any environmentally conscious businesses. Office spaces, medical clinics, restaurants, and boutique stores can all be constructed using steel making it a popular building material of choice in several diverse sectors.

Ultimately, steel is used to construct buildings with a whole range of unique purposes and needs. Some people even go so far as to say that no other building material compares to steel when it comes to safety, durability, and cost effectiveness. Check out this blog post to find out more about the benefits of steel as a building and construction material.


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