Increasing the Kerb Appeal of Your Property


For a whole host of reasons, having the exterior of your property in top form is just as important as updating the inside of your home. Here is a guide for ensuring that the outside of your property has complete kerb appeal.

Take Care of Any Obtrusive Trees or Bushes

To secure the wow factor, you need to make sure that people can see your property in all its glory. This can be tricky if the front of your home is completely blocked by a very large tree whose branches extend across the front of your property, for example.

You should consider trimming back trees and hedges to ensure that the front of your house is completely visible. This is also a big advantage for the property itself, as you will then be able to provide an unobstructed view from inside the windows of the property, which is more beneficial for any potential buyers – especially if you’re surrounding area is green, open, and aesthetic.

Sometimes however, this is best left to the professionals. By contacting a tree surgeon Dudley company such as Rowan Tree and Garden Services you can ensure that they can take care of any maintenance in a safe and secure manner.

Make Your Front Door the Best It Can Be

No matter how attractive the front area of your property is, unfortunately, a shoddy outdated door can completely deter visitors. Front doors need to appear inviting and secure, as well as being seen to draw the eye.

You also need to make sure that the front door is in keeping with the tone of the property. For example, a modernised glass door might look very odd within a character cottage. You need the front of your property to appear seamless, and that includes the perfect front door to match. Aside from the door itself, simple additions can also be made to make the entranceway of your property even nicer. This could include lighting fixtures above or to the side of the doorway, colourful flowers or tall plants framing the front door, or a characterful welcome mat.

You could also consider painting your front door a statement colour, which draws the eye and adds a splash of personality, too.

Consider a Fresh Coat of Exterior Paint

Oftentimes, a fresh coat of paint makes all the difference – and it’s not a large investment. Whether you have old paint which has faded, or whether you’re just looking to spruce up the outside with a little colour to brighten the appearance, use exterior paint to freshen up around your windows, door-frame and masonry or rendering.

Ensure that every shade is complementary – you should go for brighter, bolder colours for smaller accents rather than larger areas.

Add a House Number

If your property doesn’t already have its door number on display, you should consider fitting it onto the front door, or an exteriorfixture such as fencing or a mailbox. A house number is a simple yet effective addition that can appeal to potential buyers. Nobody enjoys trying to work out if they have arrived at the right property by comparing the numbers of the surrounding houses.

It’s easier – and more appealing – if you have your house number fully on display.

Completely Replace Your Windows

You can easily tell the state of a property’s windows by a quick glance – and it makes all the difference between a good or a bad first impression. If your windows are on their last legs, you should consider fully replacing them. Not only to give a better aesthetic for the exterior of your property, but also for a whole host of other benefits, which include better insulation for your home and a reduction of energy bills while you’re living there.

This update will significantly appeal to a potential buyer, too.

Window updates should still be in-keeping with the rest of the property; you should therefore consider colours and styles which best match, such as a dark brown frame rather than a bright white, for instance.

Spruce Up Your Front Space

General tidying and upkeep will make all of the difference, and installing colourful plants and flowers can truly transform the front of your property. You could also consider additional features such as a small bench or garden statues.

You should aim for the plants which bloom all year round, as you’ll benefit from their bloom even through the colder winter months. These plants generally require less care and upkeep, and will be sure to add a splash of colour and vitality even when the weather is dark outside.


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