How To Choose A Bricklayer


When it comes the construction of structures, walls or pathways that require the use of bricks or blocks, it is important that the work is done in the best manner. Even the slightest mistake can later can ruin the way the final output of a job looks and worse, it could later on lead to problems with the way it was built resulting in the need of redoing or reconstruction. The best way to make sure you get job done right is to hire the right person to do it but this isn’t simple as just asking someone if they know how to build with bricks and such, they need to have knowledge and possibly a lot of experience as this can be very important for the job.

To choose the right bricklayer there are a few things you need to consider such as:

Experience And Knowledge

When you are looking for a brick layer, it is important that they have firstly knowledge or experience, better yet both. Without any of these, you are practically asking someone to try something with a high chance to give unwanted results. If someone has knowledge on how do the job, they will be able to efficiently work properly and progress since they know what to do, know the best ways to do those thing as well as when to do certain steps when bricklaying.

Those with experience already have knowledge of course since this isn’t their first time they will most likely be able to do the job just as the previous ones they have done and if not, probably even better. A person who has experience in bricklaying will know what to do and will know what will happen before, during and after working on the job for you and this will make sure he does the right steps to replicate a good outcome when bricklaying.

Communication And Attitude

The job will require resource and a proper schedule since sometimes you might want to make sure everything is in order and all the materials are prepared. The bricklayer should be able to properly communicate with you when it comes to talking about the task, discussion how things will be done and how much things will cost along with what else will be needed. The bricklayer should be honest and responsive to your questions as you don’t want to just randomly be paying without knowing what’s going on, especially when you need to purchase materials or have them shipped for the job. He should be able to coordinate everything needed and everything that should be brought to your attention well when you talk as you should be fully aware of what is going on.

Handling Of The Job

Sometimes people take a different approach and take different steps when bricklaying and it is important that you are aware of how they will handle the job in terms of how they will prepare, how they will start and how they will work on the jobs. This includes the time it will take them and what they will be doing when they are actually working on it. You want to make sure that the job is done on time and there will be no slacking off or laziness kicking in, especially if you are paying by the day. Also if you have plans on other days and don’t want to leave the work area unsupervised then you need to make sure that the bricklayer will be working on the said time and stick to arrangements on how you schedule everything as well as the total amount of time that it will take to complete it.

Payment Options

It is necessary that you are fully aware of the payment and how it will be paid. Some jobs are paid by hours, others by the day while others may be contract based. Be sure that you know how much you will be paying, not only for the job but any other necessary payments as well as the resources that will be required. Make sure that you agree to a price and that you have a clear discussion on the transaction so that there will be no problems later on and it is vital that you come to an agreement before the jobs begins.

Recommendations And Credibility

Anyone can attempt to do a bricklaying job but you need to make sure that it is done properly, as even a slight error can ruin the whole thing. To be sure that the person you are hiring is actually capable, has experience or knowledge and will be able to handle the job, it is important to check for credibility or to see if there are recommendations. If the bricklayer is willing to show you a portfolio of recent bricklaying work that he has done or is willing to let you get in touch with a previous customer to ask about a previous job, then most likely they are confident enough to let you see their work whereas you can also double check to see what kind of final output the job will turn out to be.

If people recommend the bricklayer or you get in touch with contacts to recommend the bricklayer, you can always ask to see if you can check the work he has done as this is good assurance for you to see what kind of work you will be paying for. The better the proof of their capability to do a job the better as you need to make sure that everything will go smoothly or else having the job redone could cost you money and time.

Agreements After The Job

Some bricklayers offer to check up on their work after a certain period has passed to make sure that everything is fine and to see if there are any retouches that need to be done. It is good to get a bricklayer who is willing to check his work and make sure its properly done and if there are problems, that they are willing to go back and fix them. Different bricklayers offer different agreements and getting the best one for you is important which includes making sure things will end up well in the end.


Bricklaying can be a very important job and one that isn’t to be taken lightly, it requires knowledge and experience for most jobs to turn out best. The output of their work should be stable, decent to look at and done efficiently with accuracy and effort. To make sure you get the most for what you pay for, it is necessary to check everything thoroughly so that there will be no complaints or regrets in the end. Making sure that the bricklayer meets your standards, understands what you want to be done and can assure you they are capable then that is pretty much a good choice for a bricklayer.


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