How to Make Your Home More Sustainable


When you want to have a cleaner environment both indoors and outdoors, you should consider switching to more sustainable features. Instead of resorting to the most common house setups, you can safely and effectively modify your home to be more sustainable. Here are some ways to make your home more sustainable.

Energy Efficient Appliances

Switching to energy efficient appliances can make a huge difference, from LED light bulbs to energy efficient microwaves, washing machines, air conditioners and more. Appliances that are built to conserve energy will give you a more sustainable home and can be set up to be easily powered by a either a normal grid or a solar power system. Solar efficiency provider Greenbuild Adelaide says that you can reduce your base power usage by 40% just by switching your lighting and appliances to the latest efficient models.

Reduce Water Consumption

You can reduce your water consumption by installing water efficient shower heads and water efficient faucets and more, allow the right amount of water to flow through instead of just a continuous supply of water that continues down the drain. Having a water tank that collects rain and can be used for your water appliances as well or your bathroom plumbing which will result in not only you preserving water but also saving more on utility bills.

Home Smart Technology

You can set up your house to use smart technology such as hubs to monitor the temperature of your room, the consumption of your electricity, control over other parts of your home and more. This provides you with a better interface of you home as well as it serves as a pretty neat feature to have in your home. With this smart technology you can control basically anything that is connected to its hub making it easy to manage your home.

Indoor Plants

One of the most important things to include in a sustainable home are plants since these do not only help out as a good and soothing decoration but they also improve the quality of the air around us. You can grow your own indoor plants and choose from a variety of plant species. Plants are also known to reduce stress levels of those who are in the room which is a good way to allow you to have relaxation.

Home Insulation

With the right materials you can properly insulate different parts of your home to prevent unwanted temperature changes due to gaps. Insulating your home will require less focus on trying to manipulate room temperature and control how fast your home will naturally change its temperature without the use of heaters or air conditioners.

Natural Temperature Control

Arrange your home in way that certain areas will be able to cope with the temperature weather it’s hot in the afternoon or cold at night, a window with sunlight shining through may help naturally heat the area while covering it with curtains can do the opposite. Being able to naturally adjust the temperature most of the time will save up on energy consumption and the less need for you to always have an air conditioner or heater on.

Eco Friendly Home Products

Use cleaning and home conditioning products that do not contain any harmful substances to provide a cleaner and safer environment which benefits you as well to avoid any health risks. There are many products which do not leave any chemical residue which are based on herbal mixtures, making them biodegradable and safe for long term usage.

Resort to Solar Power

You can choose to resort to having a solar power system and have it power some or most of you home as this can be a great way to conserve and save. It is a great investment especially when you also use energy efficient household items such as appliances and lighting. This can also help reduce your bills since you are resorting to the energy from the sun for most of your electricity and with the addition of several solar panels, your solar power system may absorb more than enough that it gets sent back to the grid, reducing your bills furthermore.

There are several ways to make your home ecofriendly and safe for you and your family to live in while reducing overall costs. Simply changing the way, you live a by a little and resorting to more conservative options may provide a better life in your home. A home that is sustainable usually results in those who live in it to be both health and comfortable.


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