Effective Hacks To Get The Best TV Reception


There must have come days where you are sitting in your living room, minding your business, just watching the TV and then all of a sudden, poof! The channel you were just watching goes blank. Well, that could be due to poor reception, which we all know to be quite problematic. You either tried everything, or you are about to try everything in your power to get the best TV reception. First, we need to understand how a TV works.

Understanding T.V. Reception

There is a part of your television which is called the television antenna, or just TV aerial. It is designed to provide you with reception when it comes to ‘over-the-air’ broadcast TV signals. They are transmitted through frequencies. The antenna intercepts these radio waves and converts them into what is called a radio frequency alternating current, which is then given to the tuner of your TV. There is a special kind of cable that connects the TV to the antenna.

Usually, these aerials may vary in price and effectiveness according to quality. The TV professionals at Price Your Job explains the difference between the types of aerials, aerial installation and their different prices, which may vary depending on where you are installing them. This includes aerial cables, cable clips, and signal boosters, which will come in need if you have multiple televisions in your home, as you will require splitters to distribute signals to each room.

How to Increase Effectiveness

You no longer have to worry about having the reception suddenly drop as you are watching the game on a Sunday night. Because, as you will see, there are many effective ways to enhance your TV reception, and they are very much feasible.

1. Find Out Where The Broadcast Towers Are In your Specified Area

This is the first step in getting to watch the game in peace. Locate the tower and know precisely where it is, and understand how well it works. This must be done before you even go out to buy that antenna which you will be installing soon. By understanding where it is and how strong it is, everything else will be planned accordingly. So, if the tower is 20 miles away getting an antenna with a 20-mile range will work, but so that you are on the safe side, pump that number up a bit, and maybe get an antenna with a 30-mile range.

2. The Antenna Needs To Be Placed By A Window

It is crucial to have your antenna placed near a window or as close as possible to one. This is all to strengthen the signal. The reason for you to have it near a window is that the fewer obstructions there are between you and the tower, the better the signal will be. Your antenna must have a clear line of sight to the broadcast tower. Though, when placing your antenna, you should be heedful of the sunlight, especially the sunlight’s heat. Also, to avoid having to deal with a bent and warped antenna, use tape to stick it in a way where it will not bend.

3. The Higher The Better

The reason why an outdoor placed antenna tends to pick up more channels than an indoor one is that usually these outdoor antennas are placed higher. This is supported by the reason of keeping your antenna away from obstructions and always visible to the broadcast tower, but also because higher is better.

4. You Should Keep The Antenna Away From Metals

Metal and antennas do not jell well together, with the contrary being a popular belief. Metals may act obnoxiously and interfere with the digital signals and, even worse, block your reception altogether. So, remove any other metals from the premise and take yourself one step closer to enjoying the perks of unobstructed reception.

5. Test All The Different Antenna Positions

This is like a bonus, but a very important bonus. You will probably need the help of a friend. One of you will be moving the antenna and the other will be testing the placement of the antenna. Record your progress and once you are done, you would have found the best place to house your antenna. Nothing like going old school with the old TV channel scan being at your disposal.

Whatever it is you choose to do, make sure you invest in a quality antenna and the best cables around. Then find out the best place for your antenna, which will provide you with the best reception and you are set. No more signal losses during the games.


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