How to fix LCD TV brackets on plasterboard walls


A flat-panel LCD TV is suited for wall mounting. It is lightweight, and it’s designed with a thin bezel that offers a picture-frame effect when mounted on a wall. To install the TV on the wall, you need a compatible TV wall-mounting kit and a few common household tools. The kit contains a bracket plate that attaches to the wall. Companion brackets are installed on the back of the TV, then the TV is lifted and mounted onto the plate. The procedure to attach the TV bracket plate to a plasterboard wall is straightforward.

Step One

Decide approximately where you want to mount the LCD TV. Place the bracket plate from the wall mount kit against the wall at the desired height of the TV. Allow for the distance from the top of the TV to where the TV will mount on the bracket plate, so that the top of the TV will be at the desired height. Make a dot with a pencil through one of the mounting holes on the left side of the bracket plate. Make a similar mark through one of the mounting holes on the right. Put the bracket plate aside.

Step Two

Place the electronic stud finder on one of the dots you marked on the wall, and move it around until the stud finder signals the center of a wall stud. Mark the stud's location with a pencil. Repeat the procedure at the other dot.

Step Three

Place the bracket plate against the wall again, and align the stud marks on the wall with mounting holes in the plate. Partially drive a metal screw through a mounting hole above the center of the left-side stud, using an electric screwdriver.

Step Four

Hold the bracket plate in place between the studs, and use a spirit level along the top edge of the plate to make certain the plate is level. Drive a metal screw through a hole on the right side of the plate and into the center of the underlying stud.

Step Five

Drive the screw on the left the rest of the way in. Drive metal screws through the other mounting holes on the bracket plate and into the underlying studs.


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