How to grow Busy Lizzies


How to grow Busy Lizzies


Busy Lizzies, also called impatiens or touch-me-nots, feature brightly-colored flowers with small, heart-shaped petals. They grow in clumps of glossy green leaves and range in color from bright pink and red to orange, white and purple. Since these little flowers love shade, they make colorful additions to tree islands and the shady sides of your home. You can also plant them in pots and add them to your windowsill.

Step One

Fill a few seed flats with vermiculite potting mix. Add one seed to each seed well, pressing it about 1/2 inch into the vermiculite.

Step Two

Water each seed well with about 2 tbsp. of water. Place the seed flats in a warm window with indirect sunlight. The temperature around the seed flats should never drop below 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Your seeds should germinate in about a week.

Step Three

Water your seedlings every other day with about 3 tbsp. of water each. Water the vermiculite; do not drizzle water over the plants. This could cause mildew.

Step Four

Transplant your seedlings to the outdoors when the night temperatures drop no lower than 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Choose a shady, cool area with well-drained soil for transplanting.

Step Five

Dig a hole for each seedling about 4 inches deep and 12 inches wide. Space the holes about 4 inches apart.

Step Six

Untangle the root balls before slipping the seedlings into place. Cover the roots with soil and press firmly. Water the seedlings with about 2 pints of water each until they grow to about 10 inches tall.


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