How to build a Clematis Trellis


How to build a Clematis Trellis


The clematis flower is perfect for a beautiful trellis built in your lawn area. These prolific climbers come in a wide variety of colors and range in height from six to 30 feet tall, according to the Home of Clematis website. There are varieties that do well in full sun and some that require a bit of shade. Many varieties bloom from the late winter months until early autumn, so this is an effective choice for a trellis. Building a clematis trellis is easy to do and requires only a few hours of your time.

Step One

Cut the sheets of lattice to the desired size. All of the items you need for this project are available at home supply or lumber stores.

Step Two

Frame the lattice with miter-cut lattice molding, as suggested by the Black and Decker website.

Step Three

Use one-inch galvanized wire brads and a hammer to attach the molding to the lattice piece.

Step Four

Measure the framed lattice and place the wooden posts into the ground at the correct distance, so that the framed lattice will be able to slide easily in between the two posts. The lattice creates a place for the clematis to climb and show off its colorful blooms.

Step Five

Install three fence brackets on the inside of the two posts. These should be in the center of the posts and evenly spaced down the posts, with one near the top, one in the middle, and the third bracket should be near the bottom. Use a tape measure and a pencil to mark the areas so the brackets will be in line down the posts.

Step Six

Lift the framed latticework and slide it down through the brackets on the posts.

Step Seven

Allow the framed latticework to rest on the bottom rims of the lowest metal brackets and use galvanized nails to attach it.

Step Eight

Stain the entire trellis or use a wood sealer. You may need to use more than one coat, according to the directions on the can. Let it dry thoroughly between coats and before you add the clematis.

Step Nine

Plant your clematis at the base of the lattice work and enjoy watching it climb your homemade trellis.


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