How to make an Airfix boat diorama


How to make an Airfix boat diorama


Airfix models don’t have to just sit on a shelf somewhere. You can create a truly impressive piece of art by placing your models in a diorama. This can be as simple or as complex as you wish, from a small square of ocean, to a recreation of a famous sea battle or World War II beach landing. Not only is this a way to show off your models, it can be a really interesting project in itself.

Step One

Mark out the shape of the plasterboard. You can leave it square, or you may wish to cut it to a more interesting shape. Fill any gaps with scrap paper mixed with PVA glue. Allow to dry.

Step Two

Wrap the board in a plaster of paris bandage. Plaster over it with normal household plaster using a spatula. Allow to dry thoroughly. If you are adding land, mark out in pencil where the sea will end and the land begins.

Step Three

Apply spackling paste to the sea area, imagining where the waves would be most prominent, such as around the boats and near the shore. At this stage you may wish to place your models on the board, and mark with pencil where you will place them. It is best to avoid permanently securing the models in place at this stage, to avoid any accidents. "Comb" the waves into shape with a small spatula.

Step Four

Paint the board using a mixture of blue and green paints. Use a lighter blue nearer to shore and highlight the tops of the waves with white to create a foamy appearance.

Step Five

Place the models on the board and secure in place with super glue. Carefully apply more spackling paste around the front of the boat, where the boat is cutting through the waves, and at the back of the boat, where the boat will create a wake in the sea. Allow to dry thoroughly.

Step Six

Paint the waves around the models very carefully. You do not want to ruin the paint job on the models. If you have added a land area, use modeling sand and small pebbles to create a beach area, or green flock if there is a grassy area.


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