How do I use the Amprobe AT-3000 PRO Buried Cable Locator?


How do I use the Amprobe AT-3000 PRO Buried Cable Locator?


The Amprobe AT-3000 Pro Buried Cable Locator is a handheld device that can detect underground utility lines up to a depth of 50 feet. It provides an accurate depth measurement of up to 10 feet. Construction crews use this device to locate existing underground utilities before commencing any works (e.g. excavation) in the area. They can then mark the location of the utilities on the street prior to the start of construction in order to avoid hitting any buried services cables.

Step One

Press and hold the power switch to turn on the Amprobe AT-3000 Pro.

Step Two

Grip the handle and simultaneously squeeze the trigger to activate the battery test. If the batteries are charged, you will hear a beep. If you do not hear a beep, replace the batteries and repeat the test.

Step Three

Select AvoidanceScan mode by turning the function switch to "A." When the AT-3000 Pro is in AvoidanceScan mode, it simultaneously searches for buried conductors, power signals and radio signals. Use this AvoidanceScan mode to make a sweep of the area intended for construction. AvoidanceScan mode disables the depth button.

Step Four

Sweep the target area by moving the device back and forth in a deliberate and steady motion. Hold the AT-3000 Pro vertically, with the bottom just above the ground. Sweep the target area in a grid pattern to make sure that you don't miss any spots.

Step Five

Adjust the signal level control as necessary after you hear a speaker response and you see the meter responding to buried utilities. By adjusting the signal level and sweeping the device at right angles to the detected utilities, you can narrow down the location.

Step Six

Follow the buried utilities by continuing to sweep steadily from one side to the other. As you follow the utilities, mark the street with chalk, paint or another community-approved medium.


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