How to cut Laminate Flooring boards


Laminate flooring is a popular do-it-yourself project, and the average homeowner can install a laminate floor as a weekend project. While the full planks of laminate can be easily cut with a circular saw, making a detailed cut in a laminate board can be difficult if you don’t use the proper tool and method. A mistake while making a laminate cut can be costly, as a full plank may be ruined and you can find yourself short of material to finish the job.

Step One

Measure the area where the plank will be laid using a measuring tape. Remember to subtract the required expansion space, which is typically 1/4 inch along all laminate edges.

Step Two

Transfer the measurements to the laminate board, using a straight edge to ensure the lines are straight.

Step Three

Cut the board, using a jigsaw to cut each line on the transferred measurement in turn. For example, if you are making an "L"-shaped cut, start one cut at the lower edge and cut to the joint of the angle. Remove the jigsaw and make a second cut from the top of the "L" to the joint of the angle.

Step Four

Check the fit of the board by laying it in place. Trim any excess if the edge is closer to the wall than the required 1/4 inch.


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