How to remove burnt on fat from an electric grill


How to remove burnt on fat from an electric grill


Electric grills offer the perfect alternative for those who don’t have room or enough money for a full-size barbecue. Electric grills are also easier to maintain and clean because you don’t have to worry about hassling with fuel or charcoal, let alone cleaning the large unit. Like barbecues, however, the fat released from meats can burn and adhere to the grill. With some patience and a little elbow grease, you can easily remove that burnt-on fat.

Step One

Allow the grill to cool after cooking for about 20 minutes.Fill your sink with very hot water and about a quarter-cup of dish washing liquid.

Step Two

Wet your wash cloth with the soapy water in the sink and wipe down the grill plates. Remove the excess food that has not adhered to the grill.

Step Three

Remove the grill plates and place them in the hot soapy water. If you cannot remove them, place the entire grill in the soapy water, but do not allow the power chord or any controls to come in contact with the water.

Step Four

Leave the grill plates or grill in the water until the water becomes lukewarm.

Step Five

Rinse the grill plates or grill with hot water, remove them from the sink and place them on a dry dish towel. Empty the sink and clean it with a wash cloth and dish soap.

Step Six

Fill the sink again with hot water and dish washing liquid.

Step Seven

Place the grill plates or grill back in the water and scrub the grill surface with the scouring pad. The previous soaking in hot water will loosen the burnt-on fat so that you can scrub it away easier.

Step Eight

Repeat Steps 4 to 8 if the burnt on fat still does not come off.

Step Nine

Rinse the grill plates or grill once the burnt-on fat has been removed and dry them with a dish towel.

Step Ten

Apply a thin coat of vegetable oil to the grill's surface with paper towel. This oil will help prevent food from burning to the grill's surface the next time you use the electric grill.


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