How to make mint jelly


How to make mint jelly


Spearmint makes a wonderful jelly to use with meats or spread thinly on fancy finger sandwiches with soft goat cheese. This recipe yields seven 180 ml (6-oz) jelly glasses.

Step One

Examine jars for cracks and nicks. Discard damaged jars.Wash jars, leaving in warm dishwasher or hot water until needed.

Step Two

Wash mint leaves.

Step Three

Combine in large kettle apple juice, mint leaves, pectin and food colouring.

Step Four

Bring to rolling boil. And add sugar slowly to juice, stirring constantly.

Step Five

Boil for one minute or until jelly slides off spoon in sheets.

Step Six

Remove from heat and remove mint leaves and then skim foam.

Step Seven

Pour into hot jelly jars, leaving 1/8-inch head space.

Step Eight

Wipe tops of jars with clean damp cloth.

Step Nine

Place vacuum seals and rings on jars.

Step Ten

Invert jar for a few seconds.Label jars, cool, test seal and store.


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