Things to make with kitchen roll cardboard tubes


Things to make with kitchen roll cardboard tubes


Cardboard tubes come in all shapes and sizes. Everything from household paper goods to carpet is stored wrapped around, or safely encased, in a cardboard tube. In addition to their original purposes there are literally dozens of uses for these handy little paper cylinders. From the kitchen to the garage you can reorganize your house with cardboard tubes.

Step One

Kitchen Uses - Store sharp knives in cardboard tubes with the ends taped shut with duct tape. This helps keep fingers from getting sliced when digging through that jumbled kitchen utensil drawer.Store plastic grocery and other shopping bags in a cardboard tube to keep them in one place. Wad the bag into a ball and poke it into the tube. Add bags until the tube is full. Several paper towel tubes full of bags could be stored in a single drawer. The bags are now easily pulled out one at a time, and won't pop out of the drawer when it opens.Keep string ready to use for tying up roasts and the like. Notch the end of the tube to hold the end of the string. Tie a knot and slide the string into the slot. Wrap the string around the tube. Tie on additional pieces as you find them.

Step Two

Hall Closet - Keep the Christmas lights tangle free by wrapping each strand around a separate toilet paper or paper towel tube. Use a rubber band or tuck the ends into the tube to keep them from unrolling.Use a large tube to keep the tops of your expensive leather boots standing up and open. This will allow damp boots to dry thoroughly and keep the leather crease free.Store posters and flat paper wall hanging decorations. Use a heavy weight tube and roll the decorations a little smaller than the tube. Slide the decorations inside and release. The rolled decorations will expand against the tube holding them in.

Step Three

Kid's Rooms - A paper towel tube, a piece of wax paper and a rubber band can be used to create the greatest of all childhood musical instruments, the kazoo. Cover one end of the tube with enough wax paper to fold up along the edges. Wrap the rubber band snugly around the tube to hold the wax paper in place. Use a needle to poke holes in the wax paper, place it round your mouth and hum.Two toilet paper tubes taped together with masking tape can become a pair of binoculars for intrepid explorers of any age. Add a string neck strap for hands free carrying.Keep lamp and other cords neatly tucked up off the floor to avoid tripping. Fold the cord in about six inch lengths, leaving enough to plug in the lamp, or other appliance. Tuck the folded cord into a toilet paper tube.

Step Four

Musical Instruments - Make a maraca. Glue a circle of construction paper to one end of the tube. Fill the tube 1/3 of the way full with dry rice and beans. Glue another circle of construction paper to the other end. Decorate the outside of the tube with paint or markers. Shake to music.Make a recorder by cutting holes along the sides of a tube with the point of a pair of scissors. Decorate the tube as desired. Hum into the tube as you cover different holes to make different sounds.

Step Five

Objects or Animals - Create objects or animals out of a cardboard tube. Glue heads, legs, wings and tails to the tubes with construction paper or other craft supplies such as yarn or foam to create various animals. Make a plane by adding wings, a tail and windows to the tube. Create a tube racer. Cut out a cockpit with a craft knife and punch holes near the bottom to attach axles and wheels. Add axles made of drinking straws and attach plastic bottle cap wheels with toothpicks.

Step Six

Functional Items - Make fire starters for camp or fireplace fires. Fill a tube with dried leaves. Wrap the tube in a large piece of newspaper and twist each end.Wrap extra yarn or thread around the outside of a cardboard tube. Glue a circle of cardboard to one end of the tube and store small items inside or use as a pencil holder. Decorate the outside as desired.


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