How to make a bed frame


How to make a bed frame


Bed frames are available at almost every home design shop, but often they are one of the most expensive things you can purchase for your home design and comfort. Bed frame supplies are cheaper. Building a frame is relatively simple if you know how to measure, saw and screw. Before making your bed frame, measure the room so that the size of the frame does not overwhelm the balance of the room. If you already have a mattress, make sure to make the bed frame the proper size to accommodate it.

Step One

Cut four lengths of 4-by-4 lumber for the posts of the bed. These will determine the height of the frame, so make the posts tall enough to be off the floor, but not so tall you cannot comfortably get in or out.

Step Two

Cut two 2-by-6 pieces of lumber for the headboard and the footer of the bed. This determines the width of your bed, so cut them to the same length, wide enough to accommodate your mattress.

Step Three

Cut two 2-by-4 pieces of lumber for the sides of the bed.

Step Four

Attach the bed rail hangers to the posts of the bed using screws, two for each post, one rail post for the length of the bed and one for the width, for the purpose of hanging the side rails, the header and the footer. Attach the other end of the rail hanger to the adjoining piece of wood for both the length and the width of the bed. Attach the pieces using the screws that come with the hangers or use wood screws.

Step Five

Cut six small blocks, three for each side of the bed. Cut grooves into the blocks that fit the size of the 2-by-4 support rails. Attach the wood blocks using wood screws into the side of the bed.

Step Six

Cut the 2-by-4 for the support rails to the size of the frame interior. Slide the rails into the slots of the wooden block and screw into place.


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