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How to Clean a Blocked Drain

There is hair plugging the bathroom sink, the kitchen sink is full of water – You have a blocked drain.…


How to trim Laurels

Laurel bushes are a type of hedging that — like all hedges — requires regular pruning and maintenance to keep…


How to build breeze block wall

Breeze blocks are typical building blocks that are made of concrete and ash. These concrete blocks are usually known as…


How to Lift a Fence Gate

A fence gate needs to be lifted when the bottom edge of the latch side of the gate hangs lower…


How to lay concrete patio slabs

A patio serves as a gathering for family members and friends for outdoor fun, barbecues and other gatherings. While there…


How to grow Chard

Chard is also known as Swiss chard or silver beet, and is a truly nutritious vegetable. Chard leaves contain antioxidants…


How to propagate house plants

Propagate some of your favorite houseplants, especially if it’s too hot to be out in your garden, with these simple tips…


How to propagate Fuchsias

Take cuttings of fuchsia in summer. Take cuttings as shown and insert into a moist mixture of peat and sand…


How to unblock a pond fountain

Pond fountains can provide you with a beautiful landscape until they become green with algae or black with mould due…