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How to fit an electric shower

How to Install an Electric Shower. An electric shower may sound absurd, as electricity is heating water just a few…


How to fix a leaking flat roof

Flat roofs sometime show signs of age-related deterioration, patching various leaks may be an ongoing project. If this is the…


When to plant sweet peas

Peas are everyone’s garden favorite. There’s nothing like the taste of fresh sweet peas in spring. Northerners and southerners have…


How to make a garden box

Build your own garden box with ease, even if you don’t have a large yard, you can still enjoy your…


How to fix a broken awning

Awnings can perform several different functions. They can reduce the amount of sunlight that enters through a window, protect a…


How to Lift a Fence Gate

A fence gate needs to be lifted when the bottom edge of the latch side of the gate hangs lower…


How to grow giant celery

Because giant celery has such a long maturity time, giant celery needs to be planted at the beginning of January…


How to grow Chard

Chard is also known as Swiss chard or silver beet, and is a truly nutritious vegetable. Chard leaves contain antioxidants…


How to propagate house plants

Propagate some of your favorite houseplants, especially if it’s too hot to be out in your garden, with these simple tips…


How to use Thai Lemon Grass

You can use lemon grass as a spice to complement a variety of sweet and savory foods. Lemon grass is…