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How to test your burglar alarm

Burglar alarm system’s won’t keep you safe if it’s not working properly. Be sure to test your security system monthly…


How to fix uneven subfloor

If you are building a house or just installing new flooring in an old house, you must have a level…


How to fit a garden gate

Information on how to construct a gate for your garden or property boundry and how to fix it securly between…


How to kill Japanese knotweed

Knotweed (often referred to as Japanese Knotweed) is a a shrub-like perennial weed that’s native to Eastern Asia and has…


Where to plant a honeysuckle

Honeysuckles are members of the Lonicera genus, a branch of the Caprifoliaceae family containing around 200 species. Honeysuckles are woody,…


How to propagate Fuchsias

Take cuttings of fuchsia in summer. Take cuttings as shown and insert into a moist mixture of peat and sand…