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What Is a Thermostatic Tap?

A thermostatic tap is a faucet designed for home use which regulates the temperature of the water it releases. These…


How to recycle orange peel

The skins of oranges, lemons, tangerines and other citrus fruits don’t have to end up in the trash bin. Citrus…


How to fix a creaky gate

In the home –as in life–it’s often the little things that matter. And it’s amazing how many small structural things…


How to make a patio awning

A canopy or awning adds versatility to a patio, making it suitable for inclement weather and providing shade on sunny…


How to grow spinach

We suggest learning how to grow spinach – a vegetable considered a superfood, and one that is rich in nutrients.…


How to identify Japanese knotweed

With Japanese Knotweed identification, the different seasons bring out different characteristics of the plant. The growing season for Japanese knotweed…


How to spot diseases on dahlias

Dahlias, perennial plants that blossom in the summer, brighten your garden with large flowers coloured orange, yellow and pink. Dahlias…


How to make a pond waterfall

Creating a backyard garden pond with a waterfall is a challenging landscaping project. However, the finished result will add beauty…