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How to fix frozen pipes

Fix frozen pipes as soon as you find them as ice presents a bigger potential problem than just a temporary…


How to propagate house plants

Propagate some of your favorite houseplants, especially if it’s too hot to be out in your garden, with these simple tips…


How to take dahlia cuttings

Watch Sarah take dahlia cuttings from Dahlia ‘Sam Hopkins’ in her polytunnel at Perch Hill. This is a simple way…


How to fix uneven subfloor

If you are building a house or just installing new flooring in an old house, you must have a level…


How to fix a creaky gate

In the home –as in life–it’s often the little things that matter. And it’s amazing how many small structural things…


What is Milk Thistle?

Used for more than 2,000 years, milk thistle is native to Europe. Products from this plant are popular in both…


How to grow giant celery

Because giant celery has such a long maturity time, giant celery needs to be planted at the beginning of January…


How to feed houseplants

House plants need the sun or artificial grow lights to provide the energy needed for photosynthesis, but for them to…


When to plant Wall flowers

Wallflowers, an old-fashioned English flower, come in a range of bright shades — yellows, oranges, reds and maroons — and…


How to make a pond waterfall

Creating a backyard garden pond with a waterfall is a challenging landscaping project. However, the finished result will add beauty…