How to choose a wedding ring


How to choose a wedding ring


They will be your partners in the rest of your life and they symbolize three things: your personality, your commitment, and your fashion style. Choose a right wedding ring that will express an enduring, unequivocal love and exert a unique personality for both the groom and the bride.

Step One

Select the rings together. You should decide on wedding rings together. Many women have known what they want on their wedding rings since they were ready for marriage, so sitting down and talking can help get both spouses on the same page.

Step Two

Decide on matching or separate style. It is not absolutely necessary to buy wedding rings coordinate. For example, if the groom is concerned with a ring appearing too effeminate he can get a different style from the bride.

Step Three

Consider your lifestyle. If you use your hands a lot for manual labor and you do not want to scuff up your stone or damage your ring, consider a low setting or a hard stone.

Step Four

Select a stone. You should feel free to consider diamond or other stones. Look into the meanings of certain stones and the hardness.

Step Five

Select a band metal. The three most popular are yellow gold, white gold and platinum. Actually, silver will be also an inexpensive and shining choice.

Step Six

Look through catalogs. Once you have a general idea of what you want, leaf through a couple catalogs from different jewelers, which will help you figure out the price ranges as well as familiarize you with some brands.


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