Easy ways to deep clean your home


Easy ways to deep clean your home


Regular deep cleaning, often known as spring cleaning, is an important part of keeping a home comfortable and sanitary. Even with regular maintenance, most homes still collect dust and grime in hard-to-reach corners. Deep cleaning can be difficult, tiring and time-consuming. However, a few tips, tricks and the right approach can help you make your home deep clean a much simpler proposition.

Step One

Centralize Supplies - Deep cleaning is much more difficult when your supplies are scattered. Sort your cleaners, brushes and other tools into categories, so you won't carry around supplies you don't need for a particular room. Place the cleaning supplies you need for the job in a tote, bucket or other container when you start on a room. Whether you need glass cleaner, stain remover or a sponge, your supplies will be convenient and easy to reach. The fewer times you need to walk across the room to retrieve a tool or cleanser, the more cleaning you'll accomplish.

Step Two

Clean Systematically - Mrs. Clean, a Redmond, Washington cleaning service, recommends working on a room from left to right, top to bottom and back to front. This systematic technique ensures that you don't miss any spots or spend too much time going over the same area in a room. It also helps you keep from dirtying freshly mopped floors or newly shampooed carpets by walking on them to finish up one more thing.

Step Three

Minimize Distractions - While many people clean best with a little music or some conversation, computers, televisions, text messages and phone calls can distract you from a successful deep clean. Keep cleaning entertainment light and easy to ignore, and make sure friends and family know you'll be busy for a while.

Step Four

De-Clutter - Many homes contain plenty of clutter and objects no one really uses. Instead of simply moving old storage boxes full of outdated clothes or electronics, go through each room as you clean. One common rule for de-cluttering is to put anything that's gone unused for six months into storage and get rid of anything that hasn't seen use for a year or more. This enables you to keep seasonal items without letting unused possessions clutter up your closets, tabletops, basement or cupboards.

Step Five

Pay Attention to Details - Daily or weekly maintenance cleaning helps keep carpets free from dust and surfaces shiny. However, most people don't deal with the tiny details on a regular basis. Dead insects can build up inside light fixtures and windows. Heating and air conditioner vents can develop large mats of dust, and cabinet and door hardware may pick up a layer of grime. Other detailed places that need deep cleaning attention include light switch plates, stove drip pans, banisters and faucet handles. Clean these carefully, and set aside plenty of time to deal with them, so you don't feel rushed.

Step Six

Let In Fresh Air - Fresh air and sunshine can do a lot to remove musty odors and an unclean feel. If you're cleaning on a pleasant day, open the windows in each room and pull back the curtains. You can also remove rugs, blankets and linens and other fabric materials and spread or hang them outside to remove musty storage odors.


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