How to install a wood burner home fire


How to install a wood burner home fire


A wood burning fireplace can bring warmth and comfort into your home. Proper installation is very important when installing a wood burning fireplace. With hard work and preparation, you can have a safe place to enjoy the benefits of a fireplace.

Step One

Check with your insurance company to make sure they cover damages produced by wood burning fireplaces. Some insurance companies won't cover the damages if the fireplace was not professionally installed.

Step Two

Determine what type of wood burning fireplace will be best for your family. Decided on where you want to put it. Many factors should be taken into consideration such as traffic around the fireplace, what it will be used for and if there is a pre-existing chimney.

Step Three

Apply for a building permit. This can take several weeks so plan ahead for this delay.

Step Four

If there is not a pre-existing chimney, hire a professional to install one. If you don't want to install a chimney, consider a gas fireplace. After the chimney is installed, follow the manufacturer's instructions to install the factory-built fireplace.

Step Five

Install the fireplace insert, flute and liner kit by removing the fireplace damper assembly to allow the flex pipe to pass through. Move the insert into the fireplace without attaching the panels. Take the liner parts to the roof and attach the flu collar connector to the bottom of the stainless steel flex pipe by using a screwdriver to tighten the draw band. Lower the pipe into the chimney and, down below, insert the flu collar connector into the insert. Tighten the band. On the roof, use shears to cut off excess pipe while leaving 4 inches above the chimney. Use high-temp silicone to attach the top plate assembly and tighten the band. Install the raincap.

Step Six

Attach the surround panels to the fireplace insert.

Step Seven

Build a mantel and enjoy your new fireplace.


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