How to make an assault course in your garden


How to make an assault course in your garden


We’ve all seen the movies where a squad of battle-hardened soldiers rush through woods, sand, or dirt to attack the enemy position. Then you get that longing desire to be there with them madly firing your weapon as you scramble for cover. Well, these soldiers go through a lot of training on courses that simulate these conditions and strengthen muscles for the exertion. Most ‘Assault Courses’ are only on military training grounds, but you can make one yourself in your garden.

Step One

Find plenty of abandoned space. You are going to be making a full-size training course. Garden and/or open fields are good spots.

Step Two

You will need lots of tools, wood, and manpower to accomplish these next steps.

Step Three

Have things for climbing. Real assault courses have lots of things for you to climb over. This provides the ultimate challenge for your arm strength. These climbs are very high too.

Step Four

If you are in the woods, find two trees close together and nail planks between them to create a ladder. The segments should be about 3 feet (0.9 m) apart. Make it 9 feet (2.7 m) high at first, then keep adding segments as you progress. Make sure you know a little about tree sap and how different trees handle different weight.

Step Five

Get a bunch of bricks or logs or even a mound of dirt for you to climb over. Make plenty of these along your course.

Step Six

Try making a chin-up bar where you have to climb over the top.

Step Seven

If you can, make a giant wall of rope like a spider web, or a rock wall, or a dirt wall that you will have to climb up and down on.

Step Eight

Somewhere on your course you should have a rope swing that stretches a long ways, perhaps twenty feet. You could even make a wood ladder up to the top of a tree then rappel down the side with a rope. Anything that makes you have to squeeze your hands to hold on.

Step Nine

The course should be fairly long or go in a circle so that you are running.

Step Ten

In real combat, you will be running a lot with a lot of gear on. You will also have to climb over objects or swing or rappel down things. The more you train, the easier it will be in real life situations.


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