Common Problems Every Homeowner Has To Face


Common Problems Every Homeowner Has To Face


Households face various problems every day; some are more serious than others. It’s important you know what the most common household problems are, and how to deal with them:

Garden Weeds: The curse of every back garden, weeds cause many problems for homeowners. We like to keep our gardens looking nice and tidy, so weed growth needs to be fixed. The best tactics are to get rid of the weeds then prevent them from regrowing.

  • Spray weed killer down on the weeds so that they wither out and die. Most weed killers tend to work quickly, and within 48 hours you’ll see results.
  • After the weeds have died, it’s time to get rid of them. Use a strimmer to cut down all the weeds and leave no trace of them. It’s better to do this after spraying because then the weeds are much easier to slice through.
  • Then, once everything is cleaned up, spray more weed killer down to stop any more weed growth. You’re spraying directly into the roots now, so the effect will be even better, and your weed problem will be gone.

Water Damage: A hugely common problem in households today. Water damage is caused by – you guessed it- water in the home. Stagnant water creates moisture in the air that settles on surfaces and causes damp. In turn, damp is a breeding place for mould. You need to fix water damaged areas before the mould sets in and spreads.

  • Firstly, figure out where the water damage came from. This could be through something blatant like flooding or a leaky pipe. Or, it could be from something small and trivial like excess steam from a pan or kettle.
  • Then, you’ll need to take the correct actions depending on the source. If your house has water damage from flooding, it might be worth looking at some flood protection from FloodBlock. If it’s a pipe problem, then look at fixing the leak and drying the area. If the cause is too much steam from appliances, take measures to cut down on it. Extractor fans are a good way to get rid of steam in the kitchen.

Unwanted Rodents: Sometimes you get little visitors in your house that came uninvited. Rats and mice can easily find their way into your walls or attic. It’s a common problem that lots of households face throughout their lifetime. But there are some quick fixes to deal humanely with this household problem.

  • Rodent Spray can be used to keep rodents away from your home. Spray it around the structure of your house and in your attic. The spray is designed to smell horrible to rodents, keeping them off your premises.
  • Ultrasonic devices are also another way to keep them at bay. They emit a high-frequency sound that rodents dislike, so they stay away from your house.
  • You can also get non-harmful rat repellent that acts in a similar way to the spray. The difference is these are small packages you place around your home to ward off unwanted rodents.

As you can see, some of these are a lot more serious than others. The key is to fix your problems quickly before they get any worse!

Image Source: © Copyright Robin Sones and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence


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