Ways to configure WiFi on the iPod Touch


Ways to configure WiFi on the iPod Touch


The iPod touch is the music player that offers it all—mail, Internet access, weather, YouTube, games, connection to iCloud, and more. To get the most out of your iPod, you’ll want to set it up for Wi-Fi access. Its easy to do and we’ll show you how

Step One

Choose From A List - Turn on your iPod. Click the Home button, and slide to unlock. If your iPod is shut down, hold the power-on button down for a few seconds, and then release.

Step Two

If not at the home screen, press home button. Locate the Settings app, tap it, then tap Wi-Fi.

Step Three

Verify Wi-Fi is enabled. Make sure the switch is flipped to the On position, and that your network is listed under Choose a Network...

Step Four

Choose a network. There may be more than one listed—make sure you are choose one that you have access to. If you are on your home network, and your router is broadcasting your SSID (the default behavior), choose it from the list. Note: if you're accessing a Wi-Fi network at your coffee shop or another location, you may need to enter a password. Ask the proprietor if they have free Wi-Fi, and if they do, they'll be happy to give you the password.

Step Five

Manual Entry - Choose another network. If the router is not broadcasting an SSID, choose Other... under Choose a Network... Under Name, type the router's SSID (eg., MyHomeRouter). Tap Security if needed, and select the security type. Tap the Other Network button at the top of the screen to get back to the Other Network screen.

Step Six

Enter your password. This is the key in your wireless modem setting.

Step Seven

Click Join. After you have typed in your security password, click Join and you should be connected. The network name (SSID) should show in 'choose a network' with a check mark next to it.


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