How to Level Motorhome?


How to Level Motorhome?


A motorhome is a truly wonderful thing. The freedom is offers is unparalleled, both in terms of driving to any destination you wish, but also having somewhere to stay without having to hunt around travel sites for a hotel that will meet all your needs. However, there is one particular issue for those with motorhomes – namely, how to make your motorhome level. See, wherever you choose to park your vehicle, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be on an even surface. Whilst that’s not a huge issue for those in cars, it can cause problems for motorhome users who won’t get the most out of their vehicles if everything’s on a slope.


So how do you level a motorhome that’s on an uneven surface or pitch? For the sturdiest and safest results, it’s recommended to use a jack – either manual or hydraulic. Safety, of course, of the highest priority when levelling your motorhome.

Check the Guide

First, check whether your motorhome is able to use hydraulic jacks. Due to the sheer weight of such vehicles, some jacks simply can’t support motorhomes. If there are no problems using them, great. Hydraulic jacks do a lot of the hard work for you. If there are, you’ll want to invest in a manual jack.

Get a Spirit Level

Next, install a spirit level or indicator inside the vehicle. This is vital for ensuring that your motorhome is level, regardless of the type of jack you’re using. It’s also possible to get exterior levels which will also help in this regard.

Line Up Manual Jacks

For those with manual jacks, the next step is to line up the jacks with the wheels – which wheels will depend on the slope of the surface. With the assistance of someone outside of the vehicle, carefully manoeuvre the motorhome on to the jacks.

Use the Spirit

Refer back to the spirit level repeatedly, as you may need to tweak to motorhome here and there, until you find the sweet spot.

Add Security

Once your motorhome is level, you need to finish off with some added security. For hydraulic jacks, you’ll be able to lock those legs in place; for manual jacks, it’s worth investing in wheel chucks which sit in front of wheel to prevent it rolling away from the jack.

Total Security

Finally, apply the handbrake! Now your vehicle should be perfectly secure and level, so you can start enjoying all the benefits that a motorhome brings.

Blog Uploaded: 30th July 2015


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