How to make your home safe for your dog


How to make your home safe for your dog


Sometimes homes and and gardens can be death-traps for dogs. They will eat anything, drink anything. If you want to make your home and your garden safe for your dog, then read on.

Step One

Store away harmful products out of your pet's reach. Such as garden chemicals, detergents, motor oils, medicines and so on.

Step Two

Lock away sharp implements when you are not using them.

Step Three

Do not put down vermin poisons.

Step Four

Keep your dog inside when mowing the lawn or trimming the hedges.

Step Five

Keep your pet out of the bathroom when running a bath. For safety for a human/dog run the cold water first then add the hot.

Step Six

Wherever possible, contain electric cables within conduits.

Step Seven

Don't leave sewing equipment like needles and pins lying around.

Step Eight

Don't subject your dog to loud TV or stereo noise that could damage the dog's sensitive hearing.


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