How to bring more natural light into your home


How to bring more natural light into your home


Next to the eternal desire to have more space and better storage in our homes, having more natural light is an incredibly common home improvement goal for the British homeowner.

Increased natural light in a room instantly makes it feel airier, more spacious, more attractive, and, of course, brighter.

This desire for more natural light becomes even more acute as the winter months begin to draw in. Those short, grey, overcast days can sap the energy and life out of any room – and this can take its toll on our health and wellbeing. The health benefits of exposure to natural light are well documented; greater energy, higher levels of vitamin D, greater feelings of happiness and positivity. And lack of natural light is a major factor in conditions such as S.A.D (seasonal affective disorder).

In this article, we will quickly look at a range of ideas and options that will bring more of that beautiful natural light into your home.

Make more of the natural light you already have

You may not have the budget or capability to make any changes to the external structure of your home to increase natural light coming in, but there are a number of interior design ideas you might consider…

  • Don’t let your window dressings compromise the natural light coming through the windows. Swap those heavy dark curtains, shutters or blinds for lighter translucent materials. Lighter window dressings such as voiles still protect your privacy but won’t block the sunlight. Instead they welcome soft, glowing natural light into the room and help bounce it onto adjacent walls.
  • Large mirrors, reflective wall tiles and even metallic fixtures (door handles, etc) help to reflect natural light around the room, and can have the effect of adding an extra window and a greater feeling of space.
  • Paint ceilings a lighter shade to the walls. A light coloured ceiling will reflect natural light down into the rest of the room. Light coloured walls contrast well with a bright white ceiling. Whereas with dark coloured walls, try painting the ceiling a few shades lighter.
  • Consider glazed interior doors throughout the home. These allow natural light to be shared between adjoining rooms and opaque glass is a good choice if privacy is an issue. Likewise, opting for an open staircase design (with open treads) can be another good way of allowing natural light to spread through a home more.

Of course, you might be surprised how a good old spring clean and de-cluttering session can make a room feel bigger, brighter and fresher too. And don’t neglect the garden – you may find a pruned bush or replanting a shrub could make a big difference to the amount of natural light coming into your home.

Let more light come flooding in

Maximising natural lightOf course, a more effective solution is to increase the amount of natural light coming into your home in the first place. Although there may be a greater investment needed upfront, home improvements such as these can greatly enhance the value of your home, as well as making it more attractive and practical to live in.

  • In downstairs rooms, swapping regular doors or windows for stylish bifold doors will greatly increase the natural light that enters the room, and are a fantastic way to really open a room out to the outside, making it seem so much more spacious and airy. Modern bifold doors are not only designed to allow the maximum amount of light in, but provide very effective insulation too.
  • A tubular skylight (also known as a “sun tunnel” or “sun pipe”) is an opaque reflective disc or cylinder fitted into the ceiling or wall. Using natural light from the outside, these skylights create a naturally-powered ceiling or wall light to a very pleasing effect.
  • Skylights are popular choice on both flat and sloped roofs. In either clear or opaque glass, they effectively add an extra window to a room and can usually be opened for extra ventilation and fitted with a blind if privacy is needed.
  • On a flat roof however, luxury UltraSky uPVC roof Lanterns are perhaps the ultimate choice; making a very stylish addition to any orangery, conservatory or extension. With their raised profiles and sloped sides, these roof lanterns are incredibly effective in bringing beautiful natural light right into the heart of your home. And their classic good looks will enhance the beauty of the outside of your home too. Designed for strength, security, and reliability, a high-quality roof lantern is extremely thermally efficient. You will not only save on lighting bills, but you certainly won’t lose out on heating costs either. And most roof lanterns feature a series of vents to ensure your room is perfectly ventilated at all times.

Blog Uploaded: 6th November 2015


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