How to make fruity slushy ice


How to make fruity slushy ice


n the mood for something cool and refreshing? Homemade fruit slushies are a great way to cool down on a hot afternoon. When you make them at home, you can be certain that your fruit slush will be full of wholesome, organic fruit and sweetened (if you choose to) with something healthy instead of high fructose corn syrup or aspartame. The abundance of fresh, sun-ripe fruit this time of year makes it easy to think up great combinations like Watermelon Mint, Mango Berry, and Blueberry Lime.

Step One

Ingredients - 1 1/2 to 2 cups chopped fresh fruit, 1 cup ice (plus extra, depending on the type of fruit used), 1/4 cup sparkling water, Extra herbs, spices, or other ingredients for flavoring (see Recipe Note).

Step Two

Wash and chop the fruit: Wash the fruit and chop it into manageable pieces. Discard any pits. You can leave peels on or remove them, as you prefer. Measure the fruit to make sure you have 1 1/2 to 2 cups total.

Step Three

Combine the ingredients in a blender: Combine the chopped fruit with 1 cup of ice and the sparkling water in a high-powered blender. If you're using any flavoring extras, like mint or lemon juice, add them now.

Step Four

Blend on high until the mixture is the consistency of a slushie: Blend on high speed until the ice is completely crushed and the fruit is blended. Check the texture and add more ice or more fruit as needed to reach your desired slushie consistency. If the type of fruit you're using has more water in it (such as watermelon), it might affect the amount of ice needed. The ratio of 1 1/2 cups fruit to 1 cup ice is a really great jumping-off point.

Step Five

Pour into a glass and drink it up! Slushies are best if sipped right away! They will lose their slushie-like consistency the longer you wait.

Step Six

Ideas for Slushie Add-ins! You don't need much to make the flavor pop. If you're using herbs, a leaf or two will do. If you like things sweet, consider a tablespoon of honey!Mint: Pairs wonderfully with watermelon and other tropical fruits. Basil: Gives a lovely punch to berries! Honey: Adds some extra sweetness, especially with tart fruits. Lime: Fantastic with mango and pretty much everything! Lemon: Gives a bit of a frozen lemonade feel to any slushie. Vanilla: I added this to my mango slushie and it was heavenly! Ginger: If you love ginger as much as I do, it goes with everything.


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