How to clean the cold water filter in a washing machine


How to clean the cold water filter in a washing machine


When a clothes washer is very slow filling on “cold wash” or “cold rinse”, the cold water filter is usually partially blocked. Removing the filter can allow debris to go into the water valve, possibly causing flooding. This method cleans the filter by back-flushing and prevents unwanted particles from entering the valve.

Step One

Turn the cold water off to the inlet hose.

Step Two

Turn the machine on for two seconds, then off (use "cold wash")

Step Three

Remove cold inlet hose from faucet.

Step Four

Place end of hose into clean bucket.

Step Five

Locate small hose connected to fill valve.

Step Six

Clamp this small hose to prevent water from entering washer.

Step Seven

Turn washing machine on and observe particles washing into the bucket.


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