How to waterproof flat roofs using Liquid Membranes?


How to waterproof flat roofs using Liquid Membranes?


If you’ve got a flat roof anywhere on your home or business premises, the chances are it’ll need waterproofing at some point, especially if the original roof’s still in place.

There are several ways you can do this, with the most obvious – and expensive – one being to completely re-roof the area. But a more cost-effective alternative could be to use a liquid membrane. It’s cheaper and just as good at keeping bathrooms, verandas, balconies and garages with flat roofs waterproof and protected from the elements.

Products like HYPERDESMO® HAA are perfect for jobs like these. It can be applied with a roller, brush or sprayer, and cures with the air to form an elastic type membrane that coats any type of roof or flat area. What makes HAA so good is that it’s mixed with Accelerator 3000 so it dries much quicker than some other products.

If you don’t have a need for the area to cure so quickly, try the HYPERDESMO® CLASSIC. This simple product gives you a simple way to thoroughly waterproof tiles, roofs, cement or gypsum boards and asphalt membranes. Like the HAA, you can paint, roller or spray it on and it’s made from elastomeric hydrophobic polyurethane resin plus special inorganic fillers so you get excellent mechanical, chemical, thermal, UV and natural element resistance properties.

And the good news is all HYPERDESMO® products are really simple to apply. You don’t have to be a professional roofer or have any specialist equipment. But there are a few steps you need to follow so your application will work properly:

  • Clean the surface first. Jet wash and remove all grease, oil and other substances.
  • Make sure the area is free of cracks, bubbles and damage. You might need to do some repair work first.
  • Apply a good-quality primer to your roof.
  • Check if your product needs thinning before you use it. Some HYPERDESMO® products need a solvent adding to thin them down a bit. Mix together in a low speed mixer if this is the case.
  • Brush, roller or spray your first coat. Leave six – 24 hours and apply a second coat.
  • You will now have a waterproof flat roof area guaranteed to keep you dry for the next quarter of a century.

You’ll need lots of paper towels and solvent to clean your equipment. Any rollers probably won’t be able to be used again, so throw them away safely.

Other products in the HYPERDESMO® range include the LD and the 815. They’re all guaranteed for 25 years and really are a great alternative to a new flat roof.

Blog Uploaded: 12th January 2016


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