How to use Health and Safety Labels in the work place?


How to use Health and Safety Labels in the work place?


We use labels each and every day of our lives whether we realise it or not. Labels are there each time we get ready to purchase a new car. They are present when we are preparing meals for our families. Every aspect of our lives have labels involved to help us make the decisions we need to stay safe. In public places such as hotels and hospitals they give us directions to the places we need to go. In construction plants they help us to locate the things we need and to keep us alert of the things that are going on around us. We will take a look at the types of labels we use each day and how they can benefit us while helping to keep us safe.

Test and Service Labels.

Test and service labels will let us know when certain pieces of equipment have been maintained and properly serviced. Certain tasks can be tracked to make sure they are done in a manner that is compliant with certain rules and regulations. Test and Service labels give us some valuable information to help keep us safe and to help keep maintenance and service records.

  • General Service Labels: General service labels keep track of things such as equipment inspections and equipment maintenance. These labels have columns that will record the times and date that certain equipment was check for operation and service tasks. General service tags are also used to let you know if a certain piece of equipment can be used or not.
  • Fire Extinguisher Labels: These tags will tell when an extinguisher has been serviced and if it has a full charge or not. This tag will also let you know what type of chemicals the extinguisher is charged with to help you know what type of fire you can use the extinguisher for.
  • Electrical Inspection labels: These tags and labels will let us know what to expect when we are in the vicinity of any type of electrical dangers that you may be exposed to. They will also tell if certain areas have passed inspections for electrical situations.
  • Gas Appliance Labels: Gas appliance require a certain kind of attention. Labels will show you that gas is present in your area. The labels will also let you know what type of gas you are dealing with and exposed to. Some tags will also explain when the gas labels are open and closed.

Health and Safety Labels.

Health and safety is a valuable part of any type of construction and public environments. These labels help to show us what kind of dangers that we could be exposed to. The labels and tags are very informative and will protect us from injuries and in some cases even death.

  • Electrical Safety Labels: Electrical safety is important no matter which type of work environment you are working in. Electrical labels show us the type of electricity we are dealing with, as well as how powerful according to voltage. They also indicate in areas that are to be excavated where there may be the presence of underground electrical lines and electrical boxes. Electrical tags will tag electrical lines with valuable information.
  • Mandatory Labels: These labels alert us of the things that are mandatory in the areas in which we are working in. They tell us things such a gloves are mandatory in this area. They also tell us what other types of personal protective equipment should be used. These mandatory labels are basically labels for our safety.
  • Prohibition Labels: Prohibition labels are labels such as no smoking labels that will let you know what you can and cannot do in certain areas. They are also for informative purposes such the state of water as to if the water can be drinking water or not.
  • Hazardous Warning Labels: These labels are designed to warn us of hazardous dangers such as corrosives and gases. It will tell you what type of gases and corrosives are in your area.
  • Danger and Warning Labels: Danger labels help us to recognise the dangers that are in the area which we are working or occupying. These signs are usually bright yellow and can be easily noticed. One great thing about these danger sign is they are universal and are recognisable to everyone no matter the language they speak.

General Labels.

General labels are probably the most common and recognisable labels to all of us. We see these labels each day on a regular basis. These labels are simple but provide the information that is helpful to all of us.

  • Packing and Shipping labels: These labels help us to recognise the contents of the packages to let us know if the contents are fragile. They also let us know which direction the packages should shipped and stored without damaging the contents.
  • Plants and Flower labels: These labels are used to help us keep track of the type of flowers and plants we have planted in our gardens and flower boxes.
  • Tool Labels: Tool labels help to identify the types of tools that are available to use for certain tasks. The tool tags and labels help us to locate the tools we need in a quick manner.

Tags and labels are available to keep us safe and to make the work place a safer environment. Be sure to check the areas you are working in and the equipment you are using is equipped with the labels that are needed. If you need to obtain the correct labels to keep your workplace and work environment safe for you and your workers visit Label Bar today!




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