How to maintain the exterior brickwork?


How to maintain the exterior brickwork?


Exterior bricks can be kept in a perfect condition by regularly inspecting the weep holes. Dirt, vines, and other objects tend to accumulate here, thereby blocking the holes. Weep holes are the small openings found under the windowsills, as well as the base of the brick walls. Failure to carry out regular maintenance in these areas might lead to their blockage.

Step One

Calling in a professional at this point may be a good idea. One of the advantages of the exterior bricks is that they need very little cleaning. There are times; however, that a professional will come in and inspect your brick to check for deeply engrained dirt, damage or signs of mildew.

Step Two

While spraying with a garden hose may help to spray off the surface dirt—it’s what you can’t see that could ultimately damage your bricks. Your professional will know what to look for to ensure that any signs of mildew, efflorescence, and mold are spotted and eliminated.

Step Three

In between professional jobs and for small areas you could use a stiff brush to gently brush off the growth of “salt crystals” that may appear on your bricks.

Step Four

If you find damaged, missing, or crumbling bricks those should be repaired in the shortest time possible. Any delay might result into the damage extending to other areas which will eventually increase the maintenance costs. Therefore, you will need to assemble the tools and supplies necessary to get the job done, and then get on with it.

Step Five

Where a brick is only damaged, it will call for a replacement. To do this, you first need to remove the damaged one. This means that you have to remove the mortar around it to a depth not exceeding four inches. Next, dislodge the brick and then clean the cavity. You should then use a touch of water to dampen the cavity before spreading a fresh layer of mortar to it. A new brick can now be fitted.

Step Six

If you come across any plant growth around the brick area, do not make an attempt to pull them off. Again, in these situations it may be better to call the professionals who have years of experience with cleaning the bricks on our home.

Step Seven

With these tips, maintaining the beautiful appearance of your external bricks should be very easy. Keep your brick home in its best shape ever.


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