How to get more Followers on Twitter?


How to get more Followers on Twitter?


You can shorten the time it takes to gain large numbers of followers on Twitter by being a good social media citizen. You should also cultivate an attractive Twitter profile and maximize your tweet exposure so you reach the largest number of people. Online tools that work with Twitter can help you reach your goals.

Step One

Share Quality Content.While this one should go without saying, it is always worth repeating. Quality content gives people a reason to share, comment and come back for more.Are you a blogger? Re-purpose your content to give it an added boost. Turn a post or survey into an Infographic or share a single quote or thought to elevate the conversation and begin to better brand your tweets.

Step Two

Know Your Niche.Understanding who your potential consumer is and what needs you can solve is vital when crafting content.Steve Keating is laser-focused on the needs of his followers. He provides quality tweets on a daily basis that speak to the sales professional and leader.Consider this as well. While many say to avoid politics or religion, that might not be the right solution for your business.Twitter offers a platform where being a little controversial might be a great way for you to start a dialog. The important component is to always put the needs of your followers first.

Step Three

Be Honest.When asking for followers, do not trick them into following. Be straightforward in your intentions and make it clear what you like to talk about or what your opinions are.Expectations up front will connect you with the right people and avoid frustration and eventually, a loss in followers who feel mislead.

Step Four

Use Hashtags.Use hashtags to find people and topics centered around subjects you are interested in. #Ford for example would introduce you to fellow Ford enthusiasts who are eager to chat about their favorite topic.

Step Five

Join Twitter Chats.Twitter chats are an excellent way to connect with like-minded individuals who are tweeting about the same content that excites you.Check the frequently updated Twitter chat scheduleThe largest chat on Twitter, #Blogchat is one I recently joined and truly enjoy. It is a weekly chat about topics helpful to anyone blogging personally or professionally. Hosted by Mack Collier, topics cater to newbies as well as advanced. This means you can connect with people that are talking about what interests you. Build deeper, more meaningful connections through Twitter chats!

Step Six

Brand Your Twitter Channel.Take advantage of the customization options Twitter options including a branded background, adding your professional head shot and filling out your bio.Take your time to carefully write a bio that expresses who you are, how your business can help consumers (this is your answer to the “what’s in it for me” question) and above all else, be authentic. Take your offline personality and accurately convey that on Twitter.Nobody has a more authentic brand then Peg Fitzpatrick. Whether you land on her blog or her Google+ profile, each picture, word and post screams “positively Peggy.” As the Queen of Google+, she also stays true to her love of that platform by sharing great G+ tidbits often! The key here? Your personal brand is about more than a look or feel. It’s incorporated into your tone, voice and content shared.

Step Seven

Get Engaged.Get involved in the conversation and make it a point to stay actively engaged. It’s not enough to schedule a few tweets. You must begin to create conversation.Ask questions and craft them in a way that they are worth replying to. People and content are moving rapidly. Give them a statement worth replying to. Reply in kind and open the lines of communication.

Step Eight

Don’t Haphazardly Follow.Be strategic in who you follow. What is your niche, passion, favorite pastime or hobby? Follow people that share information similar to what you find interesting.A few Twitter tools to find people to follow:Twellow – A directory of public Twitter accounts, with hundreds of categories and search features to help you find people who matter to you. WeFollow – Get the most out of Twitter by finding the right people to share the conversation: find new, like-minded friends. Just Tweet It – A user directory for Twitter organized by genre to allow for users to easily find other Twitter users to connect with.

Step Nine

Be Helpful.If you are only using Twitter to push out your marketing message, you are missing a huge opportunity. Twitter allows you to offer great content that provides a benefit. Share helpful information that solves a problem or provides a solution.What content do you have sitting on your website or blog that could be shared in bite-sized snippets? Take your frequently asked questions, company about or top tips and use them as helpful and meaningful tweets.

Step Ten

Cross Promote.Use your existing social media accounts like Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest to cross-promote your Twitter channel. It’s a good marketing practice to drive people back to other social properties.Not everyone chooses to engage on each social network, make sure you remind people where you are and how you would like them to connect with you.


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