Cheat Yourselves To Easier Life


You have kids, a busy career, pets and about 4 spare minutes a day to keep on top of everything.  This means there are going to be jobs in your home left undone or areas you know need regular maintenance but you just can’t keep on top of.  Don’t panic, we have a list of great cheats to make your life that little bit easier.  

Spring is a lovely time of year.  However it is also a reminder that you left your lawn in a pretty awful state last summer.  The dog was digging it up, the kids were playing football, you forgot to mow it for the last 4 weeks before the rainy season.  Having a garden is great but putting time and care into keeping the best lawn so it at least looks like you have green fingers is almost impossible with a lifestyle like yours.  Take it easier by considering artificial grass.  This low maintenance alternative won’t need mowing and can be washed down instead of having to scrape up any horrible messes.  It’s a bit of a financial investment up front, but over the years will save you time and money.  Plus your grass will look beautifully green all year round.  So no need to worry about any brown patches.  Perfect.

If you don’t have a dishwasher in your home by now then you must be wasting hours every week washing up after your family.  Even small kitchens can house dishwashers these days and you can find a huge selection of slimline machines which have been designed to take just as many plates and pots as the larger machines.  Take advantage of technology and step away from the sink.  You just don’t need to spend time in rubber gloves anymore.

Talking of tech and housework, are you still lugging about the vacuum cleaner every few days.  Stop that.  With wireless tech you should ditch the traditional vac and find yourself a robotic vacuum cleaner.  You can set it up on a timer and then literally put your feet up as your new helper takes a little bit of pressure from your time.

Back to the garden, It’s easy to keep your beds looking pretty if you plant your potted plants in the soil, in pots.  Just keep a larger pot in your bed then add pretty, healthy looking seasonal plants to them.  This means you won’t have loads of heavy maintenance to do and you can simply take them out, bring them indoors or into your garage and your garden will look like you have spent hours preparing it for winter.

Half painted walls can give you the illusion of a higher ceiling.  You will need to ensure you have an even and straight line, however it will save you all that extra paint and reaching whilst giving you a great impact.

Take a little bit of pressure from your life by thinking outside the box and saving yourself time, energy and money.  Then you can really enjoy those 4 spare minutes a day you get between being a parent, a worker and a pet owner.

Blog Posted: 6th March 2017


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