Simple steps for selling your home


Simple steps for selling your home
Even if your home isn’t already on the market, the very thought of selling your home can cause unnecessary stress, worry and sleepless nights. Any sale comes with a lot of legal issues attached. You could get a low offer, costs in your area may rise and your potential buyer could even pull out at the last minute. However, it’s important to remember that moving is a very exciting and special time. Settling into a new home gives you the chance to start afresh in a new town or even a new country. So, when you decide that it’s time to move on, make sure that you keep these simple steps in mind.

Do you want to move?
It sounds like a silly question, but firstly you need to establish whether you really want to move home, instead of giving your property some much needed love and care. Home improvement projects can be expensive, but the overall time and expense will remain a lot lower than buying a new house. If you and your family are struggling for space, then consider a conservatory or even expanding your house. In bedrooms, built-in wardrobes will make a lot of difference, giving you additional storage space. So, if you are moving when in fact a few renovation projects will suffice, then think twice before blowing your entire budget on moving.

Low cost improvements
Before you can even begin selling your home, you need to assess which areas of your property could be letting you down and affecting any potential sales. Shabby paintwork, poorly lit rooms and even aesthetic factors such as a much loved sofa, could be seriously damaging that all important first impression. You don’t need to make your home too sterile, but you may want to consider getting rid of too much clutter and accessories too. Try to set aside some of your budget for simple, low-cost home improvements. A fresh coat of paint in your living room or your kitchen cabinets will add some new light and colour into your rooms. If you have a tiled or wooden floor, then make sure you polish them, or stain the wood before any potential buyers look around. If time and money is tight, then a simple furniture reshuffle will help open up cramped and dark rooms. While some new cushions or a simple throw, can make a cold and drab room feel cosy and warm.
Another simple alternative is adding some fresh flowers or a plant on your dining room table or in your bathroom to detract attention from old furniture or fixtures. Finally, give your house a good clean and tidy up if you are expecting viewers. No one likes spending time in a dirty or messy home, and this could even affect them arranging a second viewing or making an offer on your property.

Get organised
If the paper work has been signed and you’ve been given the go ahead for your sale, then you need to start getting organised. It’s worth getting all your paperwork in order, so that you update any correspondence with your new address. Start by putting your bank statements, phone and utility bills, council tax statements and pay slips in one place. You solicitor will also ask for this information if a sale comes through, as proof of identity, so putting it all together now will mean you don’t have to scrabble around at the last minute.

Next, start searching for your removal firm. Remember that moving to a new house means you need the support of highly specialist people, to ensure that all those family heirlooms and prized processions get safely from a to b. Consider what your needs are, do you need help packing and preparing items for a long haul move or a transatlantic relocation? Next, don’t be tempted to scrimp and save a few pennies, when you need a proper job completed. A house removal transport company can help you take the stress out of moving to a new house, by providing assistance and support in packing up your possessions and unloading at your new property.

You should be sure to ask for an Energy Protection Certificate (EPC) if you are moving into any new rental house or flat. This will tell you just how energy efficient that your new home is. So, if you aren’t sure that your current home has an EPC that is still valid, then be sure to make an appointment with a qualified assessor to make sure that you have all of your paperwork in order.

Be patient, but not too laid back
In an ideal world, you may even manage to sell your house in a couple of weeks. However, you need to make sure that you are prepared for your house sale to take up to a few months and be sure to have a contingency plan in place. Remember that things can go wrong, and people may change their minds at the last minute. If you want to make selling your house a positive experience, then don’t let yourself get too stressed or involved in the sale. Likewise, make sure that you check in regularly with your estate agent to understand if there are any factors that are holding up your removal process. Be sure to schedule these in regularly, so that you can be the first to find out about any new developments or changes.

Selling your home will take time and effort, so try to remain calm and patient in relation to the entire process. First, decide if you want to move, or perhaps you are more interested in some simple home improvements. If you still want to go ahead with moving home, then make sure to give your house or flat a few low-cost improvements and a tidy before opening the doors to viewers. Get your paperwork in order and decide which removal firm to go with, prior to the big day. Finally, enjoy yourself. You will be standing with your new keys in hand sooner than you might think.


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