Upgrade Your Kitchen For Less With Replacement Kitchen Doors


There are many ways to update and upgrade your kitchen but most of these can prove costly. However, one way to save money while upgrading your kitchen is to opt for replacement kitchen doors as opposed to a full overhaul of your cabinets.

By simply changing the door instead of the full unit, you can give of a refreshed, renewed look in your kitchen and at a fraction of the cost. Kitchen Warehouse, based in Ripon, have a huge showroom which houses they vast selection of replacement doors.

Their massive range are ideal for changing the design and style of your kitchen without forking out for a complete rip out of your home and there are several benefits to opting for replacement kitchen doors.

Various Finishes

Many homeowners assume that changing from wood to matt, or acrylic to gloss can prove costly and that can prove to be true in certain cases but not if you are only changing the cabinet door!

Opting for a replacement kitchen door allows people looking to improve the look of their kitchen  to also be able to change the finish they have in their kitchen. Nowadays there are a huge selection of finishes to choose from such as solid oak, acrylic, matt, gloss, shaker and classic painted doors.

Each offers something different to a kitchen, but all are capable of fitting along with a multitude of furnishing and styles and will looking very fitting in either a modern or traditional property.

Change The Colour

Nothing can give a new, updated look to your kitchen like changing the main, focus colours in the room and one advantage of replacement kitchen doors is that there are countless colours to choose from.

Whatever your current décor or no matter the style you are looking to achieve you can rest safe in the knowledge that you will be able to find a shade or tone to compliment everything else in your kitchen.

Combine With Accessories
While the use of replacement kitchen doors presents the look of a complete kitchen revamp, another thing you should do to round of the kitchen revival is to correctly accessorise the new doors.

Consider what type of handles you wish to use and you could even include modern features such as soft closing hinges to keep your new doors from slamming and smashing. This is ideal for ensuring the last as long as possible – something which will save you even more money in the long run.

As detailed above there are many benefits to opting for replacement kitchen doors as opposed to going through a full rip out of your kitchen cabinets. If the unit itself is still in a reasonable condition, then it is advisable to simply change the door. It will present a brand-new look and at much less of an outlay which is, of course, always beneficial during any type of home renovation.


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