3 uses for a bungee cord in your home


Bungee cord (also known as elasticated shock cord) is an incredibly strong yet stretchy type of rope. Thanks to its natural rubber core and tough polyester exterior, it is waterproof, long-lasting and perfect for a wide range of outdoor applications – including trampolining, bungee jumping, camping, and sailing, to name just a few. However, bungee cord can be incredibly useful indoors too!

Here we outline three unconventional ways in which shock cord can be used around the home.

  1. Furniture fixes and quirky décor

Whether you’re looking to fix a piece of damaged furniture or would like to make something unique and eye-catching for your home, bungee cord could be the perfect option. For example, it can be quickly and easily woven together into a criss-cross pattern – thus creating a stylish stool seat or replacing your garden chairs with a durable and weather-resistant backrest.

  1. Child-proofing

Rather than buying expensive child-proof products, bungee rope is an alternative cost-effective option that can be used to do the same job. For example, it can be easily wrapped around the handles of your kitchen drawers – locking them in place and stopping your child from gaining access.

Elasticated shock cord can also be used to create a makeshift baby gate. Simply hang a piece of fabric using bungee rope and eye hooks, and stop your little one from dashing up the stairs.

  1. Cable tidies

Small pieces of bungee cord are a fantastic way to organise wires in the home. You can wrap and tie the wires neatly together, thus preventing any tangles and making them much easier to store. Bungee ropes can also be wrapped around computer wires and charging cables, adding to their durability and – by using different colours – you can identify each wire quickly and easily.

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