Why Are Carpet Tiles So Popular?


Tending to be used in environments such as office blocks and classrooms, carpet tiles offer aesthetically pleasing and cost-effective flooring solutions all around the world. With an array of carpet tile designs available to you, for instance interface commercial carpet tiles and paragon carpet tiles, you are spoilt for choice. But what makes carpet tiles so sought-after exactly? What is the constant appeal? Well, allow us to explain.


Nowadays recycling is paramount. So, is it really a surprise that even carpet tiles can also be recycled today? Interface commercial carpettiles from WJD Flooring are made of recyclable materials that are textured to make them perfect in establishments with heavy traffic. Whilst being decorative for a working or educational environment, these carpet tiles are eco-friendly and usable in the future. With many establishments putting in the effort to assist the environment, interface commercial carpet tiles may be the perfect flooring solution for your workplace or local school.

Low key designs

Many places don’t especially need radical designs in terms of flooring. Plain carpet, unless being used in your home, is usually the expectation due to style and nature of the overall aesthetic. With the likes of paragon carpet tiles supplied by WJD Flooring, you have the option to go for relaxed and neutral designs with your carpet tiles. You can choose from a large number of colours and relaxed patterns to pick the ideal carpet tile for you and your colleagues/students.

Versatile & flexible

With a working environment, you can find your office space expanding or changing due to instances such as new employees joining. The same can be said for schools in terms of students. So, isn’t it handy that carpet tiles are changeable with ease? Carpet tiles are incredibly versatile and flexible, allowing you to swap and change them as much as you please with simplicity.


The hustle and bustle of footsteps is a constant in many sorts of places each day. Because of this, establishments need carpet that can withstand that much traffic without wearing out easily. Carpet tiles are designed to remain durable and sustainable for long periods of time so that you don’t have to worry about paying out for new carpet regularly.

Contact WJD Flooring

Carpet tiles have various qualities that enable them to be suitable for certain environments. Because of this carpet tiles, whether they be paragon carpet tiles, interface commercial carpet tiles or whatever carpet tile catches your eye, are favoured by many. Want assistance with your carpet tile needs? Why not contact WJD Flooring? WJD Flooring have a massive range of carpet tiles available for you at convenient prices. With many colour schemes, patterns and textures accessible to you, you really don’t want to miss out! Call WJD Flooring on 01744 885514 or email info@wjdflooring.co.uk for further information and one of the company’s trusty team members will be happy to help.


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