How to Fix Your Energy Costs


Temperatures are rising but your energy costs don’t have to.

Let EcoCooling save you 90% over the price of A/C with direct fresh air and evaporative cooling.  Free site visit and quote!

Evaporative cooling offers guaranteed supply temperatures of under 25C in the UK, even on the hottest days.  This is all possible while only using 10% of the energy of an equivalent refrigeration-based system.

Ventilation and evaporative cooling are simple, safe and natural alternatives to refrigeration which typically result in up to 90% reduction in operational cooling costs.

Energy Consumption: Running costs for a single unit ECP external EcoCooler Small based on an average airflow of 12,000 m3/hr are:

UtilityUsage and Cost per Hour
Electrical Consumption£0.120
Water Consumption (average)£0.012
Total Cost per Hour£0.132
Total cost per 168-hour continuous working week£22.18

During colder weather the EcoCooling system works in ventilation mode, outside air is used to cool the building while hot air is extracted out. On hotter days, the natural process of evaporation is used in EcoCoolers to cool incoming air. By evaporating water into the air, temperatures are reduced without the need for mechanical refrigeration, making evaporative cooling an economically viable and green option for large building and process cooling.

Having been operational for over 17 years there are more than 3500 EcoCooler installations in the UK with a growing roster of different applications thanks to our innovative CloudCooler range of IT cooling solutions.

We have operated in a range of industries including data centres, warehouses, telecoms, gyms, factories and recreational spaces.

Clients as diverse as BT, Cummins Diesel, TK Maxx, GO Outdoors and Net-a-porterare reaping the benefits of evaporative cooling products designed and built in the UK.

A free site visit and quotation make it easy to see the projected cost savings for your facility with minimal effort on your part. Let EcoCooling take the strain of protecting your staff and processes, saving money and lowering your carbon emissions.

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