Fixing Sales: How to Improve the Sales Figures of a Retail Store by Increasing Its Aesthetic Appeal


In spite of what people may say about not judging a book by its cover, human beings by nature are extremely visual beings. This simply means that they do tend to judge a book by its cover, which is precisely what we are goingto take advantage of, to fix your retail store’s dropping sales figures.

Visual Merchandising

Say, for example, you are running a toy store and it’s not doing as well as you had hoped. You can improve the situation by cleverly implementing the following steps.

  • Not all kids want the same kind of toys; identify the best age group to target, in accordance with your location
  • After finding the target age group, do your research to identify the highest selling toys for the target age group
  • Display the in-demand toys in a way that they are clearly visible from outside the showroom

If you can get all of this right, you will soon be hearing the sweet and familiar sounds of nagging children and annoyed parents entering your store.

Find Affordable Remodeling Projects

When you know that your store could certainly use a remodeling, it is important to first prepare a budget. Given that you are not selling enough, it can’t or shouldn’t be too big though.

If the floors need work, which they usually do, consider utilising the durability and aesthetic appeal of polished concrete to make your store look a lot better. WR Meadows uses their own INDUROSHINE methodto make any dull and dilapidated concrete floor shine like glass, which is actually the staple sign of a visually attractive retail store.

Add a few well-placed lights to reflect off the polished concrete and customers will be subconsciously drawn to your store since shiny, polished concrete floors exude a vibe of quality and class.

Let there be Light, A Lot of It!

Light plays an imperative role in making sales but, unfortunately, not enough smaller stores realize that fact. We already mentioned how you should place lights strategically to make the polished concrete floor shine like a mirror, but that’s not all there is to it. Also, keep the following things in mind and by the time you are done, people will take notice.

  • Every product needs to be well-lit, but the highlight products need accent lighting on them
  • If you have a part of the store that doesn’t leave the best impressions, hide it in darkness till you can get to the renovations
  • No light at any point should be in the eyes of your customers; people who squint will likely not buy!
  • Understand the difference between harsh lighting and bright lighting

Sometimes, physical store owners forget about the one thing that gives them an edge over the cheaper, online competition. The fact is, people still buy from offline stores because the physical stores offer a real-life shopping experience, and an aesthetic, physical store makes people want to come back to it again.



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