Bathroom Renovation 101: The Essentials


If you’ve decided to update your bathroom, then you’ve also decided to increase your house value, and have it more adaptable to your needs. A renovation can be costly, so you want to make sure that you update the essentials because of the essentials are not taken care of first, you won’t feel the benefits of having renovated the bathroom.

As long as you’re considering a remodeling bathroom, job, then here are some of the basics you should do.


When it comes to bathrooms, functionality is just as important if not more important than its aesthetic style. Lots of drains, especially in older residences, are usually plastic and small in diameter. These usually clog easier, especially if you have a family with the bathroom in constant use. Installing 2-inch-diameter drains costs the same as smaller ones, but will substantially improve the quality of drainage in your bathroom.


Low flow toilets help save water with every flush. These low flow models may also have a hidden tank. The hidden tank style is very practical, especially for smaller bathrooms. It gives any bathroom a better look, but especially if yours is of a modern style. But keep in mind, despite their advantage they are difficult to access if maintenance needs to be done on them since they’re hidden into the wall. If that worries you, at least consider getting a low-flush toilet.


The average cost to install a tub is around $3,000, which make tubs an investment on your home if you’re going to resell. Buyers, especially people with small children, want at least one tub in the house. You might not be wanting to sell, but already have young kids and are maybe planning for more. By reading this report on Showersly you can find the top cast-iron tubs of this year, since cast-iron is a favorite and durable material for tubs. A small bathroom doesn’t mean a bathtub is not an option. Many companies are shrinking their models down to accommodate little spaces.


The materials that make up your vanity of choice should be able to stand up to an environment of water and humidity. You also need to make sure the vanity is the right size, neither too small which will not give you enough counter space, nor too big that could mess up the entire look of your bathroom when proportions aren’t right.


Reducing mold and mildew begins with removing moisture. To do that, it’s best to have different approaches. A good ventilation fan is one way, and having an operable window is even a better way as it also brings natural lighting to the bathroom.

The bathroom is usually small enough that we can afford to splurge on it a bit. You could check the higher end of the spectrum of doorknobs items or materials which could be quite affordable. For example, new lighting, doorknobs and other hardware might not seem worth the change, but they certainly are and will highlight the fundamental changes you made.


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