A Starter Guide To Your Bespoke Office Furniture


Buying office furniture is no longer a simple affair. 

There is a considerable responsibility for furniture selection. After all, furniture contributes to brand personality, productivity and overall general well-being of employees. 

To Custom-Make or Not? 

When planning your furniture selection, one question that comes up is: ‘Do I choose custom-made or pre-made furniture?’

It all depends; if speed and a limited budget are your priority, then your better off with pre-made furniture. 

However, if you want something that is wholly your design, then bespoke furniture is a better choice. Bespoke furniture is also advantageous in that: 

  • It is durable with a long lifespan which makes it more cost-effective; 
  • It is made-to-fit any room size and space; 
  • You have complete creative control of the design, material and look to the end product; 
  • The furniture is of high-quality material;
  • You can adapt the furniture to fit into different office spaces; 
  •  The furniture is multifunctional.  

But there are disadvantages to custom-made furniture. Some of them are: 

  • It’s expensive to furnish your whole office purely with bespoke furniture;
  • Once you purchase the furniture, you cannot dispose of it easily;
  • Your brand image can suffer if your employees and clients aren’t on board with the unique furniture design;
  • Changing the design midway will cost you more money. 

Knowing the good and bad of bespoke furniture helps weigh on making the best furniture decision. 

Furthermore, these factors are a starter to help you to figure out bespoke office furniture. 

Cost of the Project 

You’ll need to consider how to consolidate the different costs you’ll incur throughout the design, assembly of the furniture pieces, finishing and installation before you start the project.

But as with all custom-made furniture, it is not easy to tell right away how much it will cost. Based on your requirements, you can get an estimated figure. 

However, if you plan on adding to the furniture design, then the figure will increase. Get expert advice to help in getting a more accurate cost estimation. 

The Needs of Employees and Functions of the Office Furniture 

Your office furniture needs depend on the function they will perform. When you are working with bespoke furniture identifying the need is paramount before any planning or design should take place. 

So What Are the Needs of the Office?

Two key considerations to the purpose and function of the furniture are: 

Have multiple storage units to keep your stationery, equipment and other office items.

  • All your office items should fit in the storage units. The storage is designed as an organisation system to ensure a clutter-free work environment. 
  • Well-built storage maximises on the space provided. Opting for sliding wardrobe and open shelving instead of hinged doors saves on premium floor space. 
  • Custom-built desk drawers are another space-saving option that also provides extra storage.  

Use ergonomic furniture to boost the well-being of the staff and significantly impacts their productivity, health and happiness. 

  • The correct office ergonomics includes proper chair height, enough spacing for equipment and good desk posture to help you stay comfortable while working for long hours. 
  • Create furniture for the size of your space. Smaller spaces require furniture that is light in colour, multifunctional and therefore economical with space, and flexible enough to fit into different spaces. 
  • The right furniture design can create or disrupt the office mood. Colours work to portray the mood and atmosphere. When choosing the colours to ensure it reflects one similar to your brand and personality. 


The responsibility of your choice in office furniture can either make or break productivity. Therefore, before making your furniture decision, make sure you understand your office and employee needs clearly.



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