How to Fix Cracking Space Between Window Frame and Wall?


How to Fix Cracking Space Between Window Frame and Wall?


When windows are newly installed, they should fit perfectly in the space allotted for them. After a few years, however, it is possible that a house may settle, and the window frame may shift slightly, causing cracks between the frame and the wall. If cracking around a window frame appears after an earthquake or another major event, have your home inspected for structural damage. If the crack appears slowly over time, it probably is a natural shift, and you can fix the cracking space yourself.

Step One

SEALANT - Clean around the cracked area with a clean wet rag, wiping dirt and dust from around the crack. Allow the area to dry completely.

Step Two

Use frame sealant for cracks between the window frame and wall that are below 10 mm in width. Prepare the sealant by placing the sealant tube into a caulk gun and cutting the tip of the tube to create an opening that is roughly the same size as the cracking space you need to fill.

Step Three

Hold the tip of the sealant container up to the crack at one end. Lightly depress the trigger on the caulk gun to push the sealant out the tip. Keep steady pressure on the trigger and move the tip down the length of the cracking space, squeezing sealant into the space.

Step Four

Stop pressing the trigger at each corner of the window, then begin a new line of sealant across the next crack. If large globs of sealant sit anywhere along the line, wet your finger and smooth the sealant down against the surface.

Step Five

MORTAR - Clean the area with a wet rag, removing dirt from the crack. Allow the area to fully dry.

Step Six

Use mortar to fill cracking spaces between a window frame and wall if they are wider than 10 millimeters. Mix the mortar according to the directions on the packaging to get the proper consistency.

Step Seven

Spray water into the cracked space to moisten, and apply mortar to the crack with a putty knife. Spread the mortar over the crack; use the tip of the putty knife to force the mortar into the cracking space. Continue adding mortar until the crack is filled and even with the wall.

Step Eight

Use the edge of the putty knife to remove mortar that gets on the surrounding wall. Wipe off any spots of mortar that remain on the wall while the mortar still is wet.

Step Nine

Go over the new mortar work with sealant after three or more days when the mortar is fully set. Apply the sealant over the new mortar and smooth it down with a wet finger so it sits flat against the surface.


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