How to make your bicycle saddle more comfortable


How to make your bicycle saddle more comfortable


An uncomfortable bike isn’t something you should have to get used to. Follow these simple steps to achieve the ride you deserve.

Step One

Consider fit. This is the most important aspect of your comfort on the bike. Is your bike too big or too small? Is the stem too long or too short?

Step Two

Adjust your position on the bike. Try moving the seat back on the seat post. Try raising the stem. Lower or raise the seat.

Step Three

Consider your saddle. Is it too narrow or too wide? Is it too hard or too soft?

Step Four

Consider your grips or your handlebar tape if you have hand pain or numbness. There are many options - foam grips, cork tape and so on. Gloves can also help.

Step Five

Consider your tires. Wider tires will give you a smoother ride.

Step Six

Consider your fork. On a mountain bike, a suspension fork will help ease the bumpy ride. On a road bike, a carbon fiber fork will help smooth out road vibrations.

Step Seven

Consider a suspension stem for a mountain or hybrid bike.

Step Eight

Buy bike shorts, especially if you plan to ride long distances. The extra padding prevents a great deal of soreness.

Step Nine

Consider bike shoes if your feet are getting numb or feel uncomfortable on the pedals.


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