How to cut & splice coax cable


How to cut & splice coax cable


Coaxial cable first gained prominence during the 1970s as the standard connection wiring for cable TV and other audio-visual devices. These wires have a central core surrounded by shielded and braided cable. Coax cables can carry both audio and video signals, and the tough outer casing makes them suitable for outdoor installations. Because their interiors are more complicated than standard home wiring, cutting and splicing coax cable is a little more challenging.

Step One

Locate the stamp code describing the size of your coaxial cable. The size will be identified by the letters "RG" followed by a number ("RG59" for example).

Step Two

Set the size guide on your coaxial cable splitters to the appropriate coax size.

Step Three

Cut the ends of the coax cable off with the wire cutters. Make a clean cut and ensure that the cut is straight across and not slanted to one side or the other.

Step Four

Slide the coax cable into the coax strippers. The end of the cable should fit snugly inside the strippers and just touch the end of the stripping chamber inside. Clamp down on the connectors when the coax cable is in place. Hold the cable with one hand, and slowly turn the strippers around the cable clockwise with the other. Remove the strippers. Follow the same procedure for both ends of the cut.

Step Five

Slide the compression connectors onto the end of the cable. Take care not to bend the central core as you push it through the middle of the connector. The back of the connector should fit snugly against the cable. Insert the connector and cable into the coax compressor tool. Squeeze the tool tightly to compress the fitting around the cable. Repeat this process on the other coax cable.

Step Six

Thread the first coaxial cable onto the end of a barrel connector. Thread the other coax cable to the other end of the connector.


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