How to make sourdough bread


How to make sourdough bread


Making sourdough bread is easy though it requires some patience. Give yourself a little time to make the recipe and the results will be well worth the effort!

Step One

Combine all ingredients in a large bowl until the mixture forms a stiff dough.

Step Two

Pour a small amount of canola oil, about the size of a penny, into a separate large bowl. Use a paper towel or kitchen brush to spread the oil around the bowl.

Step Three

Place the dough into the oil of the greased bowl and then turn it upside down so that the oily side of the dough faces up. Cover with wax paper. Let the dough stand at room temperature for 10 to 12 hours.

Step Four

Uncover the dough, punch it down in the center and place it onto a lightly floured surface. Divide the dough into three parts. Knead each part roughly eight to ten times.

Step Five

Place each part into a separate greased loaf pan. If desired, brush the top of each loaf with a small amount of canola oil. Cover the dough and let it sit at room temperature for six hours, allowing the dough to rise.

Step Six

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

Step Seven

Bake the three loaves for 30 minutes or until lightly golden brown. Remove the pans from the oven and if desired, brush with butter or canola oil.

Step Eight

Allow bread to cool completely before serving or freezing.


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