How to get the best deal on the London Eye


How to get the best deal on the London Eye


Check these options to get the best and cheaper deal on the London Eye.

Step One

London Eye Deals - Often, the best London Eye deals can be found when Booking Online at London Eye where you can take advantage of early bird offers & online discounted ticket offers. Booking online with London Eye will secure you up to a 20% discount off standard ticket prices.

Step Two

Free Tickets to London Eye; Open House London - Open House London runs each year during September and offers FREE access to hundreds of London settings including the London Eye! Last September, this ran on a ballot system with free tickets to the London Eye up for grabs. More details for Open House 2014 as they emerge.

Step Three

Beat The Queues at London Eye; Fast-track Ticket - You can buy your way out of the queues at London Eye by purchasing a Fast-track Ticket to London Eye . Whilst there is an added expense with this option it does have the added benefit of avoiding the worst of the queues during peak times at London Eye.The London Pass - The London Pass offers discounted entry to 60+ top London attractions plus fast-track entry to popular settings such as Windsor Castle & Tower of London. Whilst the London Eye is NOT included in this pass, it can be worth checking out The London Pass if you are planning a trip to London.

Step Four

London Eye; 2 for 1 Voucher 2014 - No longer valid During off peak times, you can pick up a 2 for 1 voucher for London Eye when you travel by train. Whilst this voucher is no longer valid for 2014, (expired 30 April), during off peak times this is a great way to enjoy some great savings for the London Eye. We will bring you more details when this is up & running again later in the year.

Step Five

London Eye; 2 for 1 Vouchers - Expired Whilst the Kelloggs Grown Ups Go Free vouchers remains valid at many other Merlin Attractions, (Alton Towers, Thorpe Park, Warwick Castle), it is no longer valid at the London Eye.Tips to Beat the Queues at London Eye - The London Eye is a popular visitor attraction but follow our simple steps and you can be ahead of the crowds.

Step Six

London Eye; Senior Discounts - The London Eye offers senior discounted tickets at select times of the year for those aged 60 years & above. These cheaper tickets are available from Monday to Friday but are not valid during July or August nor available during any weekend. Senior tickets are available online at London Eye Tickets.

Step Seven

More London Eye Deals; Visit Off Peak - Historically, each year during off peak times, there tends to be a number of London Eye promotions & 2 for 1 vouchers running. Keep checking back for information on 2 for 1 vouchers as they emerge for 2014.

Step Eight

London Eye Deals; Tesco Clubcard Vouchers - Tesco shoppers can use clubcard vouchers to pick up a 12 month standard Merlin Pass that includes entry to the London Eye, (excludes use in August, 14 February or 29-31 October). If you plan to visit a number of Merlin Attractions during the year, this can be worth the outlay. You can upgrade to a Premium Merlin Pass for around an additional £40 in cash too.

Step Nine

Free Trip on the London Eye - Following its annual maintenance closure in January 2013, London Eye offered FREE visits for the first hour when it re-opened. Whilst this didn’t run this January, keep checking back to see if they run a similar offer later in the year.


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