How repair a leaking metal roof


How repair a leaking metal roof


Metal roofing is generally long lasting but it can develop leaks. Holes from nails or screws often become larger due to heat and cold moving the metal, which causes the holes to hollow out and allow rainwater in. Large pieces of metal can loosen or tear due to rough weather conditions or damage from other sources. Stopping a leak quickly will minimise the damage to your roof and the interior of your home.

Step One

Patching Nail Hole Leaks -Locate the leak and place plywood on the metal around it to protect the metal.

Step Two

Use a hammer or screwdriver to remove the nail or screw that is in the leaking hole.

Step Three

Fill the hole with roofing tar placed in a caulking gun. Use three to four pumps of the caulking gun to ensure you have adequately filled the hole.

Step Four

Put a new screw into the metal, several inches above or below the original hole you just filled. Remove the plywood that is protecting the metal.

Step Five

Repairing Damaged Metal -Measure the damaged area. Purchase a new piece of metal that has identical ridges and valleys as the rest of the roof and is 12 inches longer and 18 inches wider than the damaged area.

Step Six

Cut the damaged metal from the roof and discard. Remove any nearby screws from the metal and set them aside.

Step Seven

Slide the new piece of metal under the existing nearby metal so that the older metal overlaps the new piece.

Step Eight

Replace the screws you removed and use additional screws to anchor the new piece of metal. Be careful to only place screws on the raised ridges of the metal pieces.


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