What to do to advertise your house


What to do to advertise your house


Spread the word about your available rental property! Here’s how to let people know about your place.

Step One

Place a "For Rent" sign with your phone number at the site of your rental property to attract drive-by applicants.

Step Two

Place a classified ad in your local newspaper with your phone number, briefly describing the property's basic features, monthly rent, any security deposit and the availability of the unit. Contract with the paper to run the ad for a specified length of time. Also consider placing the ad on an Internet rental site.

Step Three

Prepare and place announcements or flyers about the availability of your rental property on bulletin boards in local shops, businesses, churches and community centers.

Step Four

If your rental property contains more than one unit, inform current tenants about the vacancy and ask them to spread the word to friends and family.

Step Five

Inform your friends and business associates about the availability of the rental property to take advantage of word-of-mouth advertising.

Step Six

Consider holding an open house to showcase your rental property to prospective tenants.


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