How to get kids to avoid sugary drinks


How to get kids to avoid sugary drinks


Ideally, we should encourage our children to drink plenty of water and to avoid soft drinks whenever possible. Having soft drinks occasionally (like at a party) is no harm, but regular consumption is something to be avoided. Don’t think that you can just switch to the sugar-free version of your child’s favourite soft drink. Artificially sweetened drinks have been associated with obesity, and may contribute to causing your child to develop a sweet tooth.

Step One

Keep a jug of water in the fridge, with maybe a slice of lemon to encourage your kids to drink water

Step Two

Ask schools to provide filtered water, or to provide working water fountains

Step Three

Ask schools to stop selling soft drinks to students, a practice which is still common

Step Four

Drinking milk is a healthy option

Step Five

Unsweetened fruit juices are healthier than soft drinks, but they still contain a lot of fruit sugars, so are best taken with meals or diluted with water

Step Six

Stop buying soft drinks – remember that you’re the boss

Step Seven

If you restrict access to soft drinks your children will eventually stop asking for them – remember this is for your children’s own good!


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