What’s the easiest way of eliminating weeds for good?


What’s the easiest way of eliminating weeds for good?


Weeds rarely become problems in healthy lawns. Poor maintenance methods in irrigation, fertilization or mowing usually lead to weed invasion. You usually can’t achieve total removal of weeds, nor do you need to. With a weed management program, you can reduce weed populations to tolerable levels. To maintain the lawn after removing the weeds, use proper methods and levels of irrigation, mowing and fertilizing for your turfgrass species.

Step One

Take a sample of each type of weed that grows in your lawn and identify them by checking with your local cooperative extension office. Generally, weeds fall into three broad categories: broadleaves, grasses and sedges. Different types of weeds require different control methods.

Step Two

Dig out weeds and remove as many of them as possible by hand. Remove the whole plant, because the weeds could redevelop from any stems left in the soil.

Step Three

Apply the appropriate herbicide for the type of weeds in your lawn. Generally, spring and fall applications of herbicides produce best results. Some herbicides provide extended control with reapplications. Follow manufacturer's instructions regarding timing and rates.

Step Four

Remove sources of weed seeds such as bird feeders and lawn mowers that mow weedy lawns.

Step Five

Mow the affected area closely to expose or loosen soil.

Step Six

Sow new turfgrass seed on the lawn to help the grasses in your lawn out-compete the weeds. The seeds and soil have to make contact.

Step Seven

Water the lawn frequently to encourage the new turfgrass seeds to develop. Add the appropriate type of fertilizer for your turfgrass species once the new grass grows.


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