How to make Brandied Sweet Cherries


How to make Brandied Sweet Cherries


This is a great accompaniment to plain ice cream or with cheesecake, pudding, cake etc. It also makes a wonderful gift when packaged up with a ribbon and a label.

Step One

Sterilize each of the jars in advance.

Step Two

Clean the cherries using water in a colander. Pick off any stems and pierce each cherry with a toothpick.

Step Three

Distribute the cherries into each jar evenly.

Step Four

Add 2 tbsp of sugar per jar.

Step Five

Pour brandy over the cherries in each jar, until almost the top.

Step Six

Seal the jar and shake gently. Give a few more shakes over the next day.

Step Seven

Store the jar in a cool. Leave the cherries to steep in the brandy for at least two months before use.

Step Eight

Serve or gift. Serve with ice cream, cake, as part of a fresh fruit salad etc. If gifting, add a lovely ribbon and label that states what the ingredients are and that you made it yourself.


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